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Tradera is one of the Nordic region’s largest marketplaces with more than 6 million visitors a week. On any given day, customers will find about 1.7 million items for sale, ranging from children’s clothing to home decor to consumer electronics. Last year, in response to a changing regulatory landscape and increased fraud attacks, Tradera sought to enhance their fraud prevention. They chose Kount to be part of their multi-layered approach that includes Kount AccessTM, 3-D Secure, and the recently-enacted Swedish digital identity mandate. Fraud started decreasing as soon as Tradera implemented their multi-layered fraud prevention solution.

  • Reduce fraud by 50%.
  • Support multi-layered fraud prevention approach by sharing data with other anti-fraud solutions.
  • Enhance manual reviews with better data for more accuracy.
  • Maintain a good user experience, regardless if user is on mobile or desktop.

We’ve seen a 50% reduction in fraud. Kount is a great choice if you want to own the data and make decisions on your own. We want to have the data and be able to vouch for every decision. We are reluctant to let others take control.
– Niclas Hjelm, Marketplace Safety Manager


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