Yapstone Case Study | Kount

Yapstone facilitates the short- and long-term rental payment process online with a peer-to-peer electronic payment platform. In order to prevent fraud from impacting homeowners, and protect the payment transfer process, Yapstone turned to Kount to aid them in their fraud prevention strategies. By relying on Kount’s AI-driven fraud prevention, Yapstone is able to strike the right balance between risk and revenue generation, and expand their footprint in the sharing economy.

Results with Kount
  • $20M+ in fraudulent transactions stopped in first 10 months
  • Highly accurate payment risk scores
  • Ability to expand into new aspects of sharing economy business

Yapstone is not Kount’s largest or oldest customer, however we do feel like we are Kount’s only customer. We consider Kount an extension of our fraud team.
Mike Gramz, Chief Risk Officer, Yapstone


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