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The DIGITAL PROTECTION SUMMIT is a virtual event where industry leaders will learn about trends and best practices in digital innovation and fraud protection.


Merritt Maxim

VP, Research Director Serving Security & Risk Professionals
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Merritt leads a team of analysts who provide research and advisory services that address the needs of security and risk professionals. His team focuses on identity and access management (IAM), endpoint security, threat intelligence, and vulnerability management strategies and technologies.
Previously, Merritt was a principal analyst on the security and risk team, focusing on IAM best practices and technologies as well as physical security and internet-of-things (IoT) security. He continues to help clients address their IAM and physical security needs, map out customer requirements and strategies, and navigate the IAM technology and services landscape.

November 18, 2020 Agenda


Presented by Brad Wiskirchen, CEO, Kount

Top Trends Shaping Digital Identity and Trust

Presented by Merritt Maxim, Forrester


The global trend of consumers exclusively engaging with brands via digital channels has accelerated rapidly in 2020. In response, companies across industries are refreshing and optimizing their digital experiences to ensure they are positioning themselves to win, serve, and retain customers long-term. Unfortunately, the increase in digital interactions has been met by an increasing range of cyber threats, including account takeover, bots, and fraud. Companies must control each threat to mitigate data theft and the erosion of customer confidence. In this session, Forrester VP and Research Director, Merritt Maxim, will discuss the key trends driving digital identity and trust. Maxim will also provide insights on how organizations can defend against related cyber threats in ways that secure the customer journey without compromising the user experience.

The Changing Fraud Landscape

Presented by Rich Stuppy, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Kount


2020 has exceeded the most extreme predictions and completely reshaped the landscape of digital commerce. But lost in the drama of global changes are some subtler trends that are transforming digital fraud prevention. In this session, Rich Stuppy, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Kount, will explain what’s new (and less obvious) in fraud prevention this year.

The session will address::

  • How new rules from card brands impact merchants
  • The emerging dominance of friendly fraud and new defensive tools
  • Why sophisticated bot attacks are most prevalent and destructive
  • How Kount’s Identity Trust Platform is adapting to changes

How to Prevent Chargebacks and Resolve Disputes Immediately

Presented by Scott Adams, VP of Friendly Fraud, Kount
Presented by Joe Notari, Manager, Risk Strategy, 14 West
Presented by Gabe McGloin, Head of International Merchant Sales and Business Development, Verifi, a Visa Solution

Using 3D Secure 2 With Fraud Prevention for Strong Customer Authentication

Presented by Sean Deruisseaux, Group Product Manager, Kount
Presented by Marta Rzeszowska, Director of Portfolio Product Management, Payments & Retail Solutions, Moneris


Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) is the latest in a steady stream of new standards for digital transactions. And for many international transactions, SCA is now required. In this session, learn SCA and 3DS2 basics, and dig deeper into how they impact businesses.

This session will cover account creation essentials, such as:

Part 1: SCA and 3DS2 Basics – Learn what these new standards are, how they developed over time, and how they are likely to change.

Part 2: SCA Strategy and Choosing the Right Partner – Learn about delegated and secure authentication, Kount’s product road map, and strategies to “future proof” your compliance.

Combatting Digital Account Fraud

Presented by Sven Hindman, Product Manager, Kount


Consumers are flooding digital channels, and what once appeared to be a high tide may now be a baseline. By encouraging these new digital customers to create permanent accounts, businesses can reduce fraud and build customer loyalty. In this session, learn how to optimize that critical first interaction: account creation.

This session will cover account creation essentials, such as:

  • How account creation fraud can impact inventory, operations, and more
  • How to flag risky identities in order to prevent promotional abuse
  • Strategies to reduce friction that encourage safe account creation and loyalty

As consumers and legislatures focus more attention on safe customer accounts, see how protecting your account creation process can reduce future liability, increase revenue, and prevent fraud across the entire customer journey.

Understanding Digital Identity & the Customer Journey‪

Presented by Casey Zenner, Director of Enterprise Sales, Kount
Presented by Conlen Pritchett, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Ethoca


In fraud prevention, “stop bad transactions” is no longer the North Star of an effective strategy. Instead, today’s high-volume eCommerce and split-second customer decisions demand something new: the ability to recognize digital identities and assess risk — and value — at every step of the customer journey.

Learn five keys to help you enhance your customer journey:

  • Use broad trust and risk data to accurately determine digital identity risk.
  • Reduce friction in every interaction from account creation to payment.
  • Automate chargeback management to prevent chargebacks in real time.
  • Deploy scalable, AI-driven tools that can handle spikes in volumes.
  • Identify your good customers to reduce friction and improve marketing.

Bot vs. Bot: The Future of Machine Learning and Bot Attacks

Presented by Vik Dhawan, VP of Product, Kount


The frequency of automated bot attacks is accelerating. Sophisticated malicious bots, built on machine learning, can easily penetrate perimeter defenses to disrupt customers and operations, even as companies respond with their own bot-driven defenses.

In a bot versus bot scenario, how do businesses stay ahead? In this session, Vikram Dhawan, Vice President of Products at Kount, describes the current landscape of bot protection and how to orient your strategy for the future.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How malicious bots are using machine learning to bypass defenses
  • Why the industry is shifting from defensive to offensive protection
  • How industry bot protection solutions and strategies are changing

Why Email Insights Are Powerful Datapoints for Accurate Risk Scoring

Presented by Matty Jones, Data Scientist, Kount


The personal and lasting nature of an email address makes it a rich source for customer insights. In this presentation, find out about the 180 attributes that an email address can reveal about your customers and how to use that data to

  • Improve customer experiences
  • Increase customer retention
  • Identify customers likely to return
  • Flag or stop risky transactions

Finally, learn the strategies and technologies that can help you protect and improve your entire customer journey through optimized automation and analytics-based insights.

Maximizing Machine Learning and Analysis To Improve Policies

Presented by Brady Harrison, Sr. Data Analyst, Kount
Presented by Rowdy Durci, Loss Prevention, GNC


The discussion will address:

  • Policy adjustments to reduce false positives and chargebacks
  • Tips to reduce manual reviews without increasing fraud
  • Quick strategies to optimize BOPIS, eGift cards, and digital channels
  • When to accelerate results with outsourced support

Fraud can target a variety of business activities, so learn how to identify fraud protection opportunities that will make the biggest impact on your revenue and apply practical strategies for quick results.

Closing Remarks

Presented by Gary Sevounts, CMO, Kount

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