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Email Insights

Kount’s Email Insights is an indicator of email trust, an integral part of the Identity Trust Global Network, allowing customers to quickly and accurately determine identity trust.

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Emails Reveal Customer Risk and Trust Levels

Email addresses provide a robust way to evaluate customer identity and measure risk. Businesses can use this data to predict and stop fraudulent transactions, or gain customer insights such as lifetime value, likelihood of repeat purchases, and the confidence in identity accuracy.

Email Insights and Identity Trust

Kount accesses Email Insights information in real time to inform fraud and trust decisions through identity verification. That information includes more than 130 email data points, such as:

  • Email risk and usage trends
  • Date first seen and last use
  • Associated transaction volumes
  • Number of associated chargebacks

With this data, businesses gain in-depth insights into the behavior associated with an identity. Email Insights helps to immediately reduce chargebacks, manual reviews and false positives.

Part of Identity Trust Global Network™

Email Insights is one of many data elements in Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network, which analyzes 2.7 billion fraud signals at each interaction. The Identity Trust Global Network is the largest global network of trust and risk data, powered by intelligence from 9,000 digital businesses. Linked by adaptive AI, it establishes a level of trust for each identity behind a payment transaction, login event, or account creation in order to deliver real-time fraud prevention and personalized customer experiences.

Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network includes fraud and trust signals from more than half a billion email addresses, 32 billion annual interactions, 17.5 billion devices, 75+ industries, and 50+ payment providers and card networks.

Email Insights is one of more than 130 data sources that fuel Kount’s Identity Trust Global network that includes payments data, location identifier data, and digital identifier data.

The Kount Difference

With the largest network of trust and fraud signals combined with adaptive AI and ML, Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network uncovers the true level of trust behind interactions where other solutions often miss fraud, create false positives, or add unnecessary friction due to limited datasets and lack of real-time AI.

Real-Time AI Linking for Instant Identity Trust Decisions

From a website visit to login, checkout or account creation, Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network goes to work analyzing billions of identifiers to establish real-time links between identity elements in order to return identity trust decisions that provide the desired user experience ranging from low friction to blocking fraud.

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