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Identify, Assess, Engage, and Grow with Consumers

Since ecommerce has emerged, there’s been a need to identify who is engaging with the website, and that’s only grown with the emergence of mobile apps. There’s been advancements over the years with cookies and IP addresses – but we’re at a point in time where merchants can take identification efforts to a whole new level with digital enablement capabilities. Most merchants have traditionally taken a reactive approach when it comes to identifying, assessing, and engaging with the people who interact with their digital properties. Savvy businesses have gathered information the best they can, mainly downstream, in their attempts to construct profiles – to ultimately get to the point where they can not only prevent fraud but also achieve repeat or recurring revenue based on data around the individual. By combining digital identity data sets with physical identity attributes, merchants can achieve a holistic view of their customers, allowing for more informed decisions and revenue growth opportunities. With today’s technology and a sound marketing strategy, businesses can go beyond making decisions off simple scoring models and focus on delivering more value to their best-known customers by better knowing, understanding, and customizing offers for them. This fireside chat featuring Casey Zenner, Vice President, Global Direct Sales, Kount and TJ Roberts, Director, Product Marketing, will focus on why merchants not only need to protect their digital assets with fraud prevention measures but also why it’s critical gain a comprehensive, 360-degree view of their best customers in this highly competitive and evolving marketplace. This session will inform the audience on real world technologies, data sets, and best practices to identify and assess legitimate consumers in addition to how to engage and grow revenue opportunities with them.


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MAG Annual (Dallas)
Join Kount for The 2022 Annual Conference and Tech Forum, which will offer a variety of opportunities to show support for the MAG and gain additional exposure as you showcase your brand to conference attendees.
September 18, 2022
September 21, 2022
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