What is Growing Your Digital Horizon?

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The accelerated shift to digital interactions in commerce, payments, and financial services has forced companies to reassess experiences at every point along the customer journey. Today, building a path towards secure, sustainable growth requires the right data and actionable insights to advance trust, experience, and inclusion.


Track 1: Optimizing Trust

In a digital-first world, trust is more than secure transactions. It’s about linking data across interactions to uncover actionable insights. Optimized trust enables companies to find, reach, and approve ideal customers in familiar and unexpected places.

1:15-1:20 pm Opening Remarks

1:20-1:55 pm Interview:

Connecting Trust to Value – The New Data Driving Revenue

Today’s world is online. Current digital-savvy customers expect hyper-personalization and for you to understand them well enough to be relevant. Marketing leaders who drive revenue growth and digital transformation understand that data is the foundation of good customer engagement – not just in acquisition, but across their entire customer journey. To build solid relationships, marketers face challenges – validating customers’ and prospects’ identities, gaining insight on their needs and propensities, making sure they are the best fit for products or services and then targeting them appropriately with the right offer at the right time and in the right channel. Easier said than done. In a sea of digital communications and experiences, it’s hard to stand out. Learn from industry leaders key ways to address these challenges to optimize customer potential.


Todd Hoover, SVP Data Driven Marketing, Equifax
Tatum Marinkovich, SVP, Marketing and Emerging Businesses, BlueStem Brands

2:00-2:35 pm Panel:

Ending Buy-Now-Default Later: AI’s Role in Sustainable Profit

In the U.S., 30% of consumers who use buy now, pay later (BNPL) expect to make a late payment in the next year. That’s bad for fintech financiers, consumers, and brands – not to mention the BNPL credit revolution. When it works, BNPL helps consumers avoid high interest rates and make bigger purchases. But as more consumers struggle, how can businesses and fintech align to build a sustainable future for BNPL? In this panel, explore how AI can reshape alternative financing by gauging risk and trust early in the customer journey. Learn why sustainable profit depends on accurate risk decisions, and how AI can improve product recommendations, influence payment options, and protect both consumers and businesses.


Brad Wiskirchen, SVP & GM
Cooper Harris, Founder and CEO, Klickly
Jas Krdzalic, CEO, Bodybuilding.com
Marie-Claude Nadeau, Partner, McKinsey and Company

2:40-3:15 pm Panel:

When Fraud Is Fintech: Why Customer Journey Protection Starts with Trust

When the DarkSide gang launched a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline in May, it demanded millions of dollars and wreaked havoc on fuel supplies. But DarkSide is more than a gang; it’s a ransomware-as-a-service platform with a helpdesk for victim negotiations. It has investors and target markets. It is a fintech business. And DarkSide isn’t alone – fraud groups now sell products that democratize sophisticated attacks. In this new world of professional and profit-first fraud, your entire customer journey is a target: accounts, coupons, shopping carts, loyalty programs, mobile apps, and more. Learn why the future of fraud prevention depends on a customer journey mindset, and how AI can network identity trust data to protect customers, revenues, and brands.


Rich Stuppy, VP & Senior Customer Experience Leader, Kount
Wendy Hans, Director, Fraud/Loss Control, AMC Theatres
Michael Gramz, Chief Risk Officer, YapStone

Track 2: Winning Digital Experience

Linking digital and physical identity data can reduce friction, personalize interactions, and optimize every digital customer journey, securing a path to sustainable growth in financial services, payments, and e-commerce.

1:15-1:20 pm Opening Remarks

1:20-1:55 pm Panel:

Faster Payments: How Far Are We from the Promised Land?

We’ve been talking about faster payments for a while now. In fairness, years in the payments industry are a lot like dog years. So, what’s taking so long and what may be holding us back? This session will shine a light on some of the real issues being addressed today that could hamper (or accelerate) faster payments adoption in the future.


Ulrike Guigui, Head of Payment Strategy, Wells Fargo
Scott Harkey, Chief Strategy Officer, Levvel
Dion F. Lisle, Managing Partner, Forty Grand

2:00-2:35 pm Panel:

Breaking Data Silos to Improve Digital Experience

Most of our businesses rely on daily data-driven decisions, and the speed and quality of those decisions impact growth and profitability. Additional data sources can provide a more complete view of customers and prospects, enabling more personalized experiences and reducing friction. But many companies struggle to effectively connect related data elements and activate desired experiences at points of interaction along the customer journey. This session will examine infrastructure choices that impact precision, speed, and reliability of the data used to support business decisions. The technology experts will talk about the challenges of eliminating data silos and the opportunities for improving customer experience.


Andra Milender, Chief Technology Officer, Equifax
Benjamin Weiss, Principle Banking Specialist, Amazon Web Service
Daniel Van Dyke, Vice President, Content (Head of Financial Services) at Insider Intelligence

2:40-3:15 pm Panel:

The New Commerce Experience

While it’s hard to say what the world will look like in 10 years, there will always be buyers, there will always be sellers, and there will always need to be a medium of exchange. Merchants today must offer immersive, creative, and captivating experiences, both online and in-store, that help tell the story of the retailer through new technologies that deliver value. This talk will delve into how technology like AR and VR shopping, voice commerce, and more customized experiences will continue to push the retail experience closer to the consumer, and into a future where every device is a connected commerce device.


Kush Saxena, Executive Vice President, Merchants & Acceptance, Mastercard

Track 3: Expanding Financial Inclusion

The most complete, fair, and accurate representation of risk can help millions of consumers gain access to financial services with favorable terms, and open growth opportunities for companies. Discover how unique data sources and advanced analytics reveal ideal customers to help fuel growth.

1:15-1:20 pm Opening Remarks

1:20-1:55 pm Panel:

Say “Yes” to More: Building a More Inclusive Economy

The economic recovery continues, but the effects are uneven and challenges persist, particularly for the unbanked. At the same time, financial institutions can miss opportunities for growth when potentially viable customers are shut out of the credit process. More inclusive financial practices can bring more consumers into the financial mainstream to fully participate in the economy. This session will examine ways that lenders can expand financial inclusion using data and analytics that provide a more complete view of a consumer. Industry experts will talk about data, insights, and technology that can help expand the customer pool within your risk tolerance parameters.


Shelly Nischbach, VP Verification Services, Equifax
Melissa Koide, CEO, Fin RegLab
Sarah Davies, Head of Credit Risk & Analytics, Nova Credit

2:00-2:35 pm Interview:

Unlocking Entrepreneurship: Expanding Access to Capital for Small Business Growth

A growing and equitable U.S. economy requires access to capital for startups and existing businesses. Small businesses are essential to the U.S. economy, employing nearly half of U.S. workers and accounting for more than 40% of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). In order to open, survive, and expand, small businesses need access to affordable credit. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and related recession, small businesses were experiencing a period of expansion after recovering from losses and tight credit during the 2008-09 Great Recession.

As the country emerges from the 2020 recession, small businesses have recovered much faster than they did after the 2008–09 recession. Business applications were filed at a record pace during the pandemic, as creative entrepreneurs looked to make the best out of their circumstances. Looking forward, both pre-existing small businesses and those founded during the pandemic need continued access to capital to survive and grow. This session will examine keys to supportive lending practices.


Bill Phelan, SVP & GM, Equifax Commercial
Evan Leaphart, Founder, Kiddie Kredit

2:40-3:15 pm:

Harnessing the Power of Data for Social Good

Big data remains one of the strongest tools to uncover truth and inform strategy. As the underpinning of all good technology, data insights can provide a surefire path to better outcomes. What stories does your data tell? And how can you turn those insights into action? From hiring to payroll to promotion and everything in between – each data point reveals a truth that can help you make better decisions. Whether you are a business leader or a worker – understanding data and how to use it can empower you to improve your contributions. It can also unlock the doors to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world of work.


Michelle Young, VP Employee Financial Solutions, ADP

* Sessions and times are subject to change

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