FAQs about the Kount + Midigator partnership

Kount and Midigator have joined forces to provide a complete strategy for fraud and chargebacks.

As this new partnership unfolds, we’ve received several questions about potential benefits and what the future looks like.

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question you don’t see listed here or would like additional information, reach out to our team. We are happy to discuss this new end-to-end approach to fraud and chargebacks. You can reach us at sales@kount.com.

I already have Kount. Why would I need another platform?

There are two sides to chargeback management: preventing chargebacks and fighting chargebacks.

Kount’s solutions prevent as many chargebacks as possible. When used together in a multi-layer strategy, Kount’s solutions can stop about 75% of chargebacks from happening.

But it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of payment disputes. Because nothing can stop good customers from engaging in unscrupulous behavior. Or prevent misunderstandings from happening.

When chargebacks do happen, you need to respond. And that’s where Midigator comes into play. Midigator fights chargebacks and recovers revenue that’s rightfully yours.

On the surface, it might seem like revenue recovery is just a ‘nice to have’. But really, in today’s economy, it’s a necessity. More than 77% of fraud-coded chargebacks are friendly fraud — which can be fought and won. Think of the impact that a massive boost in revenue would have on your business.

All my processor cares about is my ratio. Why should I bother fighting chargebacks?

Your bank cares about risk exposure. Will your business negatively impact theirs?

So yes, your acquiring bank is interested in your ratio because it is a metric that helps monitor risk. But it is just one of many metrics that the bank uses to gauge your overall reputation.

Another metric your acquirer is interested in is the percent of chargebacks you fight.

If you aren’t fighting, the bank is going to wonder why. The credibility of your business will be called into question because a legitimate operation would want to collect money that was rightfully theirs.

But if you fight, you’ll defend your reputation — and recover revenue that boosts to your bottom line.

I’ve tried fighting chargebacks. It doesn’t work. Why would Midigator be any different?

Fighting chargebacks does recover lost revenue — if you have the right strategy. And Midigator can provide that.

The Midigator team has spent decades learning the rules, testing strategies, and building relationships. They know what it takes to succeed. And they know how to win with the most efficient techniques possible.

On average, Midigator improves win rates by 117% with an average ROI of 914%.

Of all the solutions that are available, why would I choose Midigator?

Chargeback management is a growing concern for nearly all ecommerce merchants. More than 77% of fraud-coded chargebacks are cases of friendly fraud. And while Kount does an exceptional job of preventing fraud, we lacked a complete solution for chargebacks.

Because the revenue of millions of merchants was exposed and in jeopardy, we decided something had to be done. Kount had two options: we could either build the technology ourselves or partner with a team that has already perfected the art of chargeback management.

We chose to take advantage of what’s already been done.

When looking at the available options, Midigator was the clear leader. Three things define Midigator, and all three perfectly align with Kount’s vision.

  1. Expertise: The Midigator team is made up of highly-respected experts. With decades spent learning the rules, testing strategies, and building relationships, they know what it takes to succeed.
  2. Complete Strategy: Everything chargeback-related that a merchant could possibly need is in one platform. Whether it’s preventing, fighting, or analyzing chargebacks — Midigator can do it all.
  3. Technology: Midigator’s efficient, flexible automation replaces error-prone, manual processes. And data-driven decisions eliminate hunches and guesses.

We value what Midigator has to offer — and we hope you do too. You can learn more here.

Does Midigator offer a win rate guarantee?

One of Midigator’s primary goals is to help you achieve the highest ROI possible. Therefore, outcomes are an important metric.

However, Midigator doesn’t offer performance guarantees.


Because Midigator values transparency. And the guarantees that are commonly used in the chargeback marketplace are anything but transparent. They involve undisclosed limitations and exceptions — which can cause inaccurate expectations and disappointment.

Take a look at this, a frustrating real-life example of a deceptive “guarantee”.

Midigator’s guarantee is this: the team will relentlessly pursue excellence on your behalf. Midigator will work tirelessly to ensure you achieve the very best results with the least amount of effort, the lowest costs, and the highest ROI.

Will my billing change?

The new Kount + Midigator partnership won’t change your billing — unless you choose to add more solutions to your existing strategy.

If you do add Midigator’s solutions — or additional Kount features — we’ll help you bundle and save.

Will I need to sign a new contract?

Good news! If you decide to add Midigator to your existing Kount solutions, you won’t need an entirely new contractual service agreement. We’ll simply add an amendment to your existing contract.

What is the best way to implement a comprehensive strategy utilizing both Kount + Midigator?

Here’s how we suggest merchants take advantage of this new partnership:

  • Sign up for a discovery call.
  • We’ll discuss the unique challenges that your business deals with and offer suggestions on which solutions would be most relevant.
  • We’ll determine which onboarding experience works best with your existing processes, resources, and abilities.
  • You’ll benefit from a comprehensive strategy. By combining Kount and Midigator, you can have end-to-end protection for the entire customer journey.

There are dozens of benefits of a comprehensive strategy. But there are two very specific perks to be aware of.

  1. The new partnership enables you to receive protection through the new Visa® CE 3.0 initiative. Kount has access to the required data elements, and that evidence can be added to Midigator’s chargeback response packages. This collaboration between the two platforms will give you the highest win rates possible.
  2. Midigator’s chargeback data can be added to Kount’s pre-sale screening process. These new risk indicators can help ensure more accurate decisions in the future. For example, maybe you want to flag and block customers who have previously filed chargebacks. Or maybe you want to monitor transactions from countries with high chargeback rates. There are countless ways to use the data.

The ultimate goal is to combine the individual technologies and services of Kount and Midigator into one platform — a central point of truth for fraud and chargebacks. By signing up for both services now, you’ll immediately start benefiting from the comprehensive strategy. But also, you’ll be perfectly positioned for future developments. Your data, processes, and workflows can seamlessly flow into an end-to-end solution.


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