Account takeover fraud is on the rise and passwords alone are insufficient to protect accounts from unauthorized access. Kount Access is a data-rich service for digital businesses that intelligently challenges or blocks unknown and malicious users while providing a low-friction user experience for good customers.

When a user attempts to log in to your digital service such as a website or native app, Kount Access works behind the scenes to protect them. It analyzes user behavior and the device and gauges whether or not the device is trusted. It derives critical data such as velocities associated with previous login attempts. The velocities are analyzed against thresholds you set for your decline or allow decision. In milliseconds, all data, including threshold analysis results, are delivered to your business logic or Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform for evaluation. You can then determine, based on your own risk policies, whether access should be approved or declined, or whether it should trigger a second factor of authentication.


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Features and Benefits

Kount Access cross-checks each individual component with several other components to calculate the velocity of related login attempts, in 250 ms, to keep the login process fast and frictionless. The dozens of velocity checks and essential data help determine the legitimacy of users and account owners and help you determine whether a login should be allowed, declined, or challenged with secondary authentication.

Account Takeover Protection

Identify fraudsters at the login page and prevent them from accessing the account.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

Stop fraudsters trying to manually or programmatically attempt to compromise an account.

Trusted Device Status

Allow users to establish a trusted device to reduce friction after the first logon, while maintaining a higher level of authentication.

Anomaly Detection

Detect high-risk, anomalous login activity through real-time velocities checks to determine whether a login should be allowed, declined, or challenged.

Velocity Data

Kount Access provides essential data for velocities or instances of unique passwords for a single username, unique usernames for a single device, unique IP addresses associated with a single device, or unique devices associated with a single IP address.

Device and IP Data

Kount Access provides device and IP data for velocities including IP proxy and TOR detection, device geolocation, device fingerprint, trusted device status, and device type.

Validate account owners

Kount Access validates legitimate account owners to reduce risk and loss associated with fraudulent activity. Legitimate users and account owners are granted access that results in a low-friction experience for good customers and improves your own business decisions via insightful behavior and device information.

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