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Kount Customers

Industry leaders rely on Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network to stop fraud and enable personalized customer experiences.

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Protecting 9,000+ Leading Brands Worldwide

With the help of Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network™, customer service, and User Experience Engine, Arc’teryx

  • Achieved strategic geographical expansion
  • Reduced their chargeback rate to 0.35%
  • Reached a historically low manual review rate
  • Crafted personalized shopping experiences
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With Kount’s identity trust technology and expertise, Bodybuilding.com

  • Reduced chargebacks by 65%
  • Decreased declined orders by 14%
  • Increased overall transactions processed by 5%
  • Achieved a decline rate of less than 1.5%
  • Increased operational efficiencies

With the help of Kount’s fraud prevention platform, Brooks Running

  • Automated protection against fraudulent orders
  • Decreased their chargeback rate by 92%
  • Increased revenue by accepting international cards
  • Reduced their manual review rate to 2%
  • Accessed networked data to customize fraud protection policies

Kount’s AI-driven fraud prevention helped Fetch Rewards

  • Reduce their fraud rate by 70%
  • Reduce their manual review rate from 20% to less than 2%
  • Dramatically increased fraud team efficiency
  • Improve marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Increase monthly active users by 500%

Getty Images uses advanced AI and a global data network to

  • Achieve a total chargeback-to-sale rate of less than 0.01%
  • Reduce their chargeback-to-sale rate by over 90%
  • Achieve a fraud decline rate of less than 0.5%
  • Achieve a false decline rate of 0.06%
  • Improve experiences for good customers
  • Scale fraud prevention with a small team

Before Kount, JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores was using flat files and manual reviews to manage eCommerce fraud. With Kount, JOANN now

  • Uses custom policies to accept more good orders
  • Trusts the fraud data they get is accurate
  • Has expert partners in omnichannel fraud prevention

With the help of Kount’s Identity Trust Platform, advanced AI, and machine learning, PetSmart

  • Weighs the risk of fraud against the value of each customer
  • Has stopped some $4 million in fraudulent orders
  • Saves money on chargebacks, lost labor resources, shipping costs, and more

Webjet needed a fraud solution that could give them a competitive advantage. With Kount, Webjet increased efficiency and delivered better service at a lower cost. Plus, Kount helped Webjet

  • Reduce chargebacks to 0.03%
  • Increase total transaction volume by 116%
  • Reduce manual reviews by 83%

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