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Digital fraud prevention solutions for health and beauty retailers

Direct-to-consumer merchants, subscription-based brands, direct sellers, and more can increase revenue with an easy-to-manage fraud solution that targets key health and beauty fraud vulnerabilities.

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Capture more revenue with digital fraud protection

Thwart resale activity
Customizable policies stop purchases made with stolen credit cards that target high-value items like baby formula, perfume, skincare, and supplements for resale on third-party marketplaces.

Minimize chargebacks from recurring billing
A dispute management dashboard allows merchants to intercept customer disputes related to recurring billing and subscription services in real time.

Stop e-gift card fraud
Automatically evaluate transactional risks against billions of data points to identify and block high-risk, fraudulent e-gift card purchases, even from large-scale bot activity.

Reduce employee and affiliate code abuse
Track internal and external promotional initiatives across platforms to prevent the abuse of affiliate referral links, influencer discount codes, and employee promos.

Easily manage and monitor fraud strategies
Policy management and optimization services help health and beauty retailers manage and maximize their fraud strategies in-house and across departments or brand sub-groups.

Decrease manual reviews
Automate transaction approve and decline decisions based on identity trust levels and tailored business policies to reduce manual reviews, false positives, and operational costs.

Kount Identify provides a comprehensive customer persona

Kount’s Identify solutions give you the insights and agility to interact securely with visitors on your digital platforms and enhance the buying experience across every stage of the customer journey.

This 360-degree view of customers fuses digital and physical identity attributes to protect your business and ensure a secure and delightful customer experience.

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Kount Assess makes accurate, data-driven decisions

Kount’s Assess solutions minimize risk and seize opportunities by leveraging data to determine if a site visitor is who they say they are and worth doing business with.

These solutions also assess customer risk of purchasing products to resell or refund and prevent promo code abuse that can waste marketing spend. They even determine the trustworthiness of e-gift card purchases.

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Kount Grow increases
revenue opportunities

Kount’s Grow solutions take beauty retailers to the next level with data-driven up-sell and cross-sell insights that compel your customers to try new products and services based on their known preferences.

Health and beauty is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Maximize revenue opportunities with the right insights from Kount’s policy management and optimization services.

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Stop resell fraud, affiliate code abuse, and more with an easy-to-manage solution


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