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Fraud solutions for music, video, and online streaming services

Digital streaming businesses lose revenue to fraudsters who profit off subscribers’ lax password-sharing habits. Prevent revenue loss by protecting subscriber accounts.

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Streaming industry fraud solutions

Streaming fraud solutions drive subscriber growth, protect accounts

Stop card testing attacks

Secure subscriber accounts
Block or challenge abnormal behavior from fraudsters attempting to hack into and sell subscriber accounts.

Adjust to high traffic

Minimize promo abuse
Deter fraudsters and subscribers from taking advantage of free trials and sign-up bonuses with customizable policies around email use, trusted devices, and promo codes.

Protect customer rewards

Verify account holders without adding friction
Ensure account holders are using their accounts by implementing passive authentication protocols.

Stop new account fraud

Stop artificial streaming activity
Prevent fraudsters from creating fake new accounts and collecting revenue from inflated, bot-manipulated plays and streams.

Reduce chargebacks

Drive revenue and subscriber growth
Implement a payments fraud solution to expand into new markets and convert the right subscribers.

Reduce digital dine-and-dash

Protect recurring payment models
Minimize disputes and friendly fraud chargebacks by helping subscribers recognize charges on their billing statements.

Identify fraud solutions

Identify solutions build comprehensive subscriber personas

Gain the insights and agility to interact securely with visitors on your streaming platforms while enhancing the streaming experience for subscribers. Protect subscriber accounts, detect high-velocity attacks, and collect device and behavioral data to verify digital identities.

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Assess fraud solutions

Assess solutions minimize risks, save sales

Minimize risks with pre-authorization tools that protect against criminal fraud and post-authorization tools that help you manage disputes. Chargeback alerts and dispute management tools stop friendly fraud and save sales on recurring payments or subscription purchases.

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Identify fraud solutions

Engage solutions deliver hyper-personalized experiences

Reduce friction for good subscribers and deliver personalized experiences with digital persona insights. Collect actionable data that allows you to understand browsing patterns, tastes, and propensity to spend so that you can market more effectively. Provide the right offers to the right subscribers at the right times.

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Kount stops fraud and drives revenue growth for streaming services

Kount stops fraud and drives revenue growth for streaming services


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