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Fraud solutions for online learning and education technology companies

Online learning and edtech companies that operate on recurring payment models face high chargeback rates from payments fraud and friendly fraud. Digital fraud solutions can prevent revenue loss from chargebacks and account sharing.

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Edtech Fraud Prevention

Educational technology fraud solutions stop chargebacks, grow revenue

Stop card testing attacks

Prevent chargebacks from friendly fraud
Help customers recognize subscription re-billing on their statements to prevent chargebacks.

Adjust to high traffic

Reduce false declines
Customize policies around email addresses so that you can approve more good sign-ups and increase revenue.

Protect customer rewards

Protect recurring payments
Relay cancellation steps to banks to resolve disputes from customers who cancel recurring payments through their banks.

Stop new account fraud

Verify account holder identities
Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) to link a user’s mobile number, device, or SIM card with the customer account.

Reduce chargebacks

Decrease account sharing
Discourage customers from sharing accounts by using device intelligence technology combined with MFA.

Reduce digital dine-and-dash

Stop revenue loss from payments fraud
Stop fraudulent or suspicious purchases before authorizing a payment.

Identify fraud solutions

Identify new learners, prevent account takeover

Kount’s Identify solutions fuse digital and physical identity attributes to create an accurate profile of visitors interacting with a site. As a result, online learning businesses can detect suspicious activity and prevent bad actors from taking over students’ accounts. During new account creation, the solution can also determine if a user is a legitimate new learner or a fraudster.

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Assess fraud solutions

Assess transaction risks, seize opportunities to expand offerings

Kount’s Assess solutions use advanced AI and machine learning to analyze billions of global data points so that online learning businesses can verify the digital identities of new learners and assess chargeback risks. Additionally, businesses can use consumer insights to make changes around service offerings and respond to growth in bootcamp and on-demand style learning.

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Identify fraud solutions

Engage with learners by implementing protocols around account sharing

Using Kount’s Engage solutions, online learning businesses can implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) to link a user’s mobile number and device to the customer account. Combined with device intelligence tools, businesses can prevent learners from sharing accounts. As a result, they can increase revenue with more paid subscriptions.

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Prevent revenue loss from chargebacks and account sharing


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