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E-commerce retail

Protect your e-commerce business from CNP payments fraud, accept more good orders, and improve customer experiences. An AI-driven solution uses machine learning and network data to block fraud and malicious activity while reducing friction and false positives. These solutions are ideal for any business that accepts digital payments, sells e-gift cards, offers BNPL options, and more.

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Online and mobile gaming

Stop fraud and malicious activities before they ruin the gaming experience. 61% of gamers reuse passwords across gaming accounts, making them — and your business — easy targets for fraud. Digital payments, chargeback management, and account protection solutions prevent hacking, account takeover attacks, and bad bot activity. Reduce friendly fraud disputes, and reduce friction for good players.

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E-commerce health and beauty retail

Influencer, video, and social media marketing drive more new customers to health and beauty brands every day. A flawless experience can turn those new customers into loyal brand advocates, but fraud and third-party scams won’t leave a glowing impression. Digital fraud solutions can help you stop resale activity and affiliate code abuse, decrease manual reviews, and capture more revenue.

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Direct sales and network marketing

Social selling and subscription services are driving new customers to direct sales. But 44% of consumers are only somewhat confident when buying from these companies online. Digital fraud solutions can increase customer confidence in payment security. Plus, they can stop new account fraud, protect consultant accounts from account takeover, and help direct sales and network marketing companies avoid chargeback programs.

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Food services and quick-service restaurants

Fraudsters — even good customers — will do any for a free pizza or a $5 reward. And those freebies add up. Dine-in and quick-service restaurants that take online or mobile orders are highly susceptible to card testing, promo abuse, and intentional friendly fraud. The right digital fraud solution can detect suspicious payments and malicious high-velocity activity. It can even relay transaction details in the event of a dispute.

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Fintech and financial services

27% of financial institutions surveyed said online losses were up 10% or more between 2018 and 2020. Making the right choices about extending credit and other financial services means knowing who your customers are in the physical world and the digital space. An identity trust platform uses adaptive authentication and deep data insights to establish the level of trust or risk behind every account creation, login, and payment event.

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Leisure and entertainment

With live shows, festivals, and events in higher demand than ever, it’s essential that entertainment groups sell seats to real attendees, not bots and third-party scammers. Today, bots affect every part of the customer journey, manipulating inventory and costing businesses hundreds of thousands. A bot protection solution accurately identifies malicious bot activity by linking network, device, and behavioral characteristics to billions of fraud and trust-related signals for real-time risk assessment.

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By 2026, fraud costs to insurance agencies are expected to reach $12 billion. Fraudsters are building complete synthetic digital identities at increasing rates to open fake policies and file false claims, increasing processing costs. An inclusive risk management solution can block malicious bot activity, protect existing customer accounts, detect new account and synthetic ID fraud, and prevent losses and brand damage from ghost brokering.

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A 2019 survey by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) found that subscription fraud, payment fraud, and account takeover cost the telecommunications industry a combined $5 billion. Total fraud losses in the industry that year amounted to 1.74% of estimated global revenue. An identity trust platform prevents fraud across the customer journey: protecting existing accounts, preventing false account creation, detecting suspicious or fraudulent payments, and intercepting disputes and chargebacks post-authorization.

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Travel and accommodations

The coronavirus pandemic halted travel plans for millions of consumers, increasing dispute and chargeback rates even now, years later. A dispute and chargeback management solution can help airlines, hotels, and travel booking sites intercept disputes and deflect chargebacks. Relay transaction details to banks and credit card companies that can stop incoming chargebacks and improve customer experiences.

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Automotive parts and care

The auto parts industry sees the highest rate of returns at 19.4%, according to a 2021 survey by the National Retail Federation and Appriss Retail. The same survey found that for every $100 in online returns, retailers lose as much as 10% to fraudulent returns. A digital payments fraud and customer insights solution can use AI and customizable business policies to deliver accurate pre-authorization risk assessments around refunds, returns, and chargebacks.

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