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This year at money 20/20, they’re ripping up the conference agenda. Rather than theme the content by industry sector, this year the agenda will be structured around the biggest questions that are keeping everyone in the industry up at night. These hard-hitting questions will help you work out how to adapt to a continuously evolving environment – how to get comfortable with the constant change, deal with uncertainty, work out new differentiators, and stay ahead of the competition.


  1. Which bleeding edge will be come the leading edge?
  2. Where do I play and how do I win?
  3. How do I build a boringly sustainable business model?
  4. How can infrastructure become my unfair advantage?
  5. What does success at scale look like?
  6. How do I surf the wave of regulatory change?
  7. Why can’t we get trust right?
  8. Macroeconomics storms – will I need an umbrella? A raincoat? Or a boat?


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