The most shocking fraud use cases, with Bradley Chalupski

Podcast Episode

This week’s top-5 trends: pet scams rise as people seek new pets; Chicago rapper to face federal fraud charges for using stolen identities; Walmart is taking steps to stop bots from snatching PlayStation 5; Bank of America reveals it paid millions to ‘double-dipping’ fraudsters; and the most shocking fraud use cases, with Bradley Chalupski, Editor in Chief of Merchant Fraud Journal. #Kount5in5


Discover the latest news and trends in cybersecurity and fraud prevention in the Kount 5 Trends, 5 Minutes: Cyber & Fraud podcast. Each week host Lacey Briggs will bring you the top five headlines with insights from industry experts on how to protect your business from eCommerce fraud, payments fraud, bots, account takeover and more.


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