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Ethoca Alerts, Consumer Clarity™ resolves disputes, stops chargebacks

Integrate Ethoca Alerts and Consumer Clarity™ with Kount’s Dispute and Chargeback Management solution to act on and resolve disputes quickly.

How Ethoca Alerts works

When a consumer disputes a transaction with their issuing bank, the issuer sends a confirmed fraud or customer dispute notice to Ethoca in real time. This “Ethoca Alert” is sent to businesses immediately via Kount’s Dispute and Chargeback Management dashboard. Kount marks the transaction as confirmed fraud automatically — no manual effort required.

With the confirmed fraud alert in hand, businesses can stop fulfillment on the fraudulent order and issue a refund to the customer. As a result, resolve the dispute, disrupt malicious activity, prevent inventory loss, and save time and money on the chargeback process. Then use direct-from-source issuer data to update fraud rules and prevent future fraud.

Ethoca Chargeback Alerts Diagram

How Ethoca Consumer Clarity™ works

Businesses that use Ethoca Consumer Clarity™ can relay additional transaction details over secure channels to banks and financial institutions to help customers recognize purchases. These details help merchants curb friendly fraud and chargebacks, elevate the customer experience, and extend the merchant’s brand presence.

Let’s say a customer disputes a purchase with their bank because they don’t recognize its billing descriptor. If a merchant uses Consumer Clarity™, they can quickly share digital receipts with line-item details and contact information to facilitate direct contact with the customer. This process reduces dispute cycles, removes confusion and friction, and helps resolve disputes pre-chargeback.

Benefits of Ethoca + Kount

Reduce Chargebacks Icon

Reduce chargebacks
Stop chargebacks before they happen, and reduce related costs.

Fight Chargeback Fraud Icon

Fight criminal fraud
Stop the fulfillment of fraudulent orders before you lose inventory.

Increase Order Acceptance Icon

Increase order acceptance
Accept more orders with confidence, knowing chargeback alerts will notify you of fraud.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Icon

Improve customer satisfaction
Reduce dispute cycle times and consumer confusion that leads to friendly fraud.

Find Related Fraud Icon

Find related fraud
Eliminate related fraudulent orders with link analysis.

Reduce Future Chargeback Fraud Icon

Reduce future fraud
Update rules and policies according to current dispute data to prevent future fraud.

Access post-authorization tools in the Dispute and Chargeback Management solution

Kount’s Dispute and Chargeback Management solution is a single dashboard that gives businesses access to post-authorization tools to help them act on customer disputes. Inquiries tell you when customers dispute charges with issuing banks. Alerts tell you that banks are about to issue chargebacks. And notifications tell you about incoming chargebacks. Combine Kount’s dashboard with its leading AI-driven fraud prevention solution to optimize your digtial fraud and chargeback strategies.

Ethoca and Kount can help you prevent fraud and reduce chargebacks


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