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Episode 4 “Set It & Forget It Does Not Exist”
Fraud tools are now widely available to help fraudsters exploit your company. No longer in the shadows, online fraud tools are easily distributed and constantly evolving. Using a “set it and forget it” strategy for fighting fraud will simply not work. Rich Stuppy, COO, Kount, explains fraud trends and how creating a robust fraud strategy will benefit your company and prevent you from being a target.

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Video Transcript

Rich Stuppy: I think what really matters is when you think about it from a bad guy's perspective. All they have to do is find a weakness, and then, now the tools are available to exploit those weaknesses much, much faster, and much, much easier.
When I talk about using your fraud control practices to enable your core business strategy, the things that you have to think about is, picture the perfect week for an e-commerce site. Monday they launch a gift card. Tuesday they go into a new market. Thursday they start aggressive promotion with affiliate marketing. Wednesday, they start selling super high margin, high risk goods that the fraudsters love. You're doing this so fast, you're changing at the speed of the internet. You have to have a system that can move with you, set it and forget it, does not exist.

You have to have the guidance of a strong, strong strategic thinking person to help your risk strategy flow with your business strategy. I think the thing that most people don't realize about beating fraud, is it's really a game within a game. You want to stop fraud, but you want to grow your business, and you have a strategy for executing your business. Your fraud control practices have to be, not just an enabler of that strategy, they have to be something that augments that strategy and makes that strategy possible. Most people don't realize how hard it is to fight fraud and beat fraud, without hurting their core business.

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