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Episode 7 “Mobile Customers”
Fraudsters are continuously getting smarter, and customers are now much more mobile from a payments perspective. Brad Primavera, Chief Product Officer at Limelight, discusses how important it is to be able to track these customers and see where they are ordering from.

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Video Transcript

Brad Primavera: If I look across our clients, some are very sophisticated and what matters heavily to them is how quickly they can get that transaction. Is there no delay?
My name's Brad Primavera with LimeLight. I'm the chief product officer. Everybody wants data. The fraudsters get smarter, the fraud protectors get smarter, so the fraudsters get smarter. They're data jockeys. They're smart guys, they're aggressive people. I was always taught, always trained, early in my career that the only way through is to take a big complex problem, break it down into smaller pieces and attack each piece. Completely agree.

You have a much more mobile customer that you have to track and deal with from a payments point of view, and know that it's them. I don't lose a ton of sleep about it, mainly because there are great providers out there like Kount. If you can see where fraud is, if you can see where less desirable customers are, if you can see where you have trends and patterns with regard to where those customers are coming from, the good ones versus the less good ones, merchants are pretty smart and they'll make good decisions. So, they need to be able to see it.

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