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Episode 9 “Location-Based Payments”
The ability to create payments based on location is growing, and customers can now be tracked by GPS location and movements. In this 2 Minutes on Fraud episode, Patrick Brophy of Moneris discusses GPS, payments and where he thinks intelligence is headed in the near future.

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Video Transcript

Patrick Brophy: Currently now, the fraudsters are looking for any way that they can get in. Much like we’re getting more sophisticated in our payment technology, they’re learning that and they’re finding ways to get around that.
My name is Patrick Brophy, I am the eCommerce Product Manager for the Moneris gateway. Online fraud is going to be very significant, it’s already a big thing in the US, it’s already a big thing globally. A lot of what we’re anticipating in the payments space right now is the ability to create payments based on your location, the ability for a customer with a mobile enabled device to come directly into a store and without actually engaging with anyone, make a payment simply because they already engaged in some process online through their mobile device, and it’s just tracking their GPS movements. When fraudsters figure out how to do that, they already know how to jump GPS coordinates to be able to be somewhere where they’re not supposed to be, through social media and then through GPS positioning, they could find out where these customers are before the customers even get there and make the transaction before they can. I think robotics is probably going to be an area where we’re going to see that, artificial intelligence is going to be a way that we see that, voice replication is definitely going to be something that we see in the near future, where you have the ability to say something, and whether it’s over the phone or just in a crowd of people, people will record that and suddenly they have sensitive authentication data and forge that, much like they would have forged your actual written signature in the past.

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