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As endearing as Karma Master Gary is, he is no match for automated fraud detection software. In the world of eCommerce fraud prevention, good feelings, karma, and gut instinct can only take you so far. Stopping eCommerce criminals from stealing revenue and hurting your customers requires a partner like Kount that combines human expertise with machine learning and customized policy rules. Sorry Gary.

Video Transcript

Fraud Manager: What’s this?
Employee: The future of online fraud detection.
Gary: Oh that one’s good. Okay, I’m feeling that.
Employee: Since we’re trying to cut back on the team’s manual reviews, I’ve attached Karma Master Gary to the network to tap into the good vibes of incoming online orders.
Gary: Yes, she pledged public radio. Oh yes, his profile says, ‘Thought Evangelist’, I like that. Oh no, no, they just bought a crate of hair.
Employee: He’s the perfect solution.
Fraud manager: Or, we could have Kount automated fraud technology do the work for us – reduce our chargebacks, cut our manual reviews, minimize our losses, maximize our order acceptance.
Gary: Wait – someone just became the ‘Pony Princess’?
Pony Princess: Sorry, that’s me.

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