Winning The Chargeback Slashing Bet - Kount

Chargebacks occurring in a card-not-present environment results in a merchant paying fees on what looked like legitimate transactions. So slashing chargeback rates for your organization gives you major swagger power. And rightly so, this performance adds revenue right back to your bottom line. Employ Kount and you get mad props from your CFO in no time.

Video Transcript

Narrator: There you are. Victor, vanquisher, fraud whisperer. When eCommerce bad guys appear, you shut them down – thanks to Kount. Oh, there were skeptics, disbelievers, and you set them straight, stopping fraudsters cold, with Kount. With leading-edge technology like machine learning, order linking and real-time decisions, you beat the fraudsters and increased revenue – all in 300 milliseconds. That’s right player, you won the chargeback slashing bet. As for any other cuts, some weren’t as lucky.

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