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Account protection technology detects suspicious activity and stops costly account takeover (ATO) fraud. Plus, our technology can give your customers a better, seamless experience across your platforms. 

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Account takeover prevention


How Kount protects accounts

We know how valuable customer relationships are — and how important it is to protect them. Our technology works quickly and accurately to keep accounts safe.

Account status protected

 Identity details are collected.

User and device attributes are gathered. Data elements can range from device type and IP address to user location and biometrics. 


 Login attempt is accepted or challenged.

Within milliseconds, our technology accepts, blocks, or challenges the login attempt. Challenging a login attempt means requiring additional verification steps such as multi-factor authentication (MFA).


Account activity is monitored. 

Once the user gains access to the account, further actions are monitored for suspicious behaviour — such as changing the payment information or delivery address. 


Your accounts are protected.

You no longer have to worry about harmful events like data breaches and credential stuffing attacks — our technology has you covered.

Unique features deliver needed benefits

Kount technology provides the capabilities you need to elevate your account protection strategy.

key and person

Identity verification

Determine how risky a customer’s digital identity is during events like account creation and checkout.

machine learning perceptibility

Bot detection

Identify the use of bots — a software program that runs automated tasks  — to commit fraudulent activities.

Relevant insights

Velocity checks

Monitor the number of times a transaction is attempted within a short period of time to identify fraud patterns.

Complete identity verification

Passwordless authentication

Authenticate users with an alternate form of verification, such as the secure biometrics on the device.


Benefits you can’t afford to miss

Customer loyalty and confidence is what helps your brand flourish. Show your customers how much they mean to you with account protection — and reap the benefits to your business.

Protect sensitive account information

Protect sensitive account information

Customers store payment information, loyalty points, and sensitive data on their accounts. Maintain their trust by keeping fraudsters out of user accounts.

machine learning reactivity

Enhance customer experiences

Set up policies to eliminate friction for known customers trying to log in or make purchases on your platforms. Give your customers an easy, seamless experience.

Protected brand reputation

Maintain positive brand reputation

Preventing ATO fraud keeps your brand image healthy. You don’t have to worry about negative online reviews or news stories that can damage your reputation.

Stop card testing

Eliminate ATO attacks

Don’t waste time and money on recovering from an ATO attack. Keep your valuable resources focused on innovating and growing your business.

Improved data analysis

Improve data analysis

Enrich your own data with login trend data — including device and IP information — that is often not available to fraud teams. Evaluate the data in real time to update policies and keep pace with evolving threats.

Reduce payment fraud

Reduce payments fraud

Account protection is the first step towards payment fraud prevention — stopping fraudsters at the door. Block access to stored debit or credit cards, stop unauthorised transactions, and avoid chargebacks.


Added value achieves better results

Account protection just makes sense. But why choose Kount? Here’s what sets us apart from any other strategy.

Expand service offerings

Global data network

Kount has decades worth of data — and the most robust data network you can find. As part of the Equifax family, Kount has access to global insights from both digital and physical interactions. And the better your data, the better your decisions will be.

Kount icon keys

Simplified authentication

Our technology analyses billions of data elements to identify risky account activity and suspicious login attempts. And Kount is the one of the first technology platforms to offer a frictionless — yet completely accurate — authorisation process. Less friction means better customer experiences.

Manage fraud strategies

Advanced AI and machine learning

Kount is the only service provider on the market today to use two forms of machine learning — supervised and unsupervised. More advanced technology produces better results. Plus, the quality of data that feeds our machine learning is unmatched, giving you reliable and accurate decisions.


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Prevent account takeover and enhance customer experiences

Thousands of companies from all over the world use Kount’s trust and safety technology to protect their user accounts. Will you be next? Sign up for a demo today, and see what it’s like to have confidence in every interaction.