Trust and safety solutions for health and beauty retailers

Want to grow your brand and increase revenue without worrying about risks? Kount can help. We understand the challenges you face and offer solutions to confidently increase revenue while minimising potential threats every step of the way.

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Health and beauty fraud prevention
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Complete protection.
No matter the risk.

Kount offers a complete trust and safety strategy that delivers confidence in every interaction.

Decrease manual reviews

Decrease manual reviews

Automate transaction approval and decline decisions based on your unique business goals. Reduce manual reviews, false positives, and operational costs.

Resolve friendly fraud

Thwart resale activity

Protect your brand’s reputation by stopping fraudulent purchases of high-value items that are resold on third-party marketplaces.

Prevent affiliate account fraud

Reduce affiliate code abuse

Save money by tracking internal and external promotional initiatives to prevent the abuse of affiliate referral links, influencer discount codes, and employee promos.

Reduce chargebacks 

Reduce the impact of chargebacks 

Prevent, monitor, and resolve disputes. Fight invalid chargebacks from friendly fraud and win. Reduce the negative impact to your revenue and overall bottom line.

Stop card testing

Stop card testing

Detect fraudsters attempting to test the validity of stolen payment information. Protect your business from chargebacks and financial loss.

Manage fraud strategies

Manage fraud strategies

Get help from on-demand trust and safety experts to manage your fraud strategies. Save time and resources by refocusing your efforts on business goals that increase revenue.

Account protection

Pick the protections you need the most and we’ll put together a strategy that’s just right for your business. Schedule a call with our team today to learn more.


What Kount can do for you

Kount is trust and safety technology that has helped health and beauty retailers like yours reduce risk, decrease chargeback rates, and increase revenue — with the highest ROI possible. 

We understand the challenges unique to your business. And we can help you solve them. Plus, our fraud experts will be there to guide you through the entire process.


GNC increases sales while fighting off emerging fraud trends with Kount.

See how GNC uses Kount to protect the brand from third-party resellers and accomplish the company’s mission — to help consumers live well.


What our clients are saying

"There are options to create specific rules and they can be set to decline, review, or approve based on my needs."


Mindy K.

Customer Service and Financial Coordinator

"The support of the Kount staff is above and beyond. They are dedicated to their clients and always available to help navigate more complicated fraud problems."


Bethany M.

Fraud Manager

“Our dedicated account manager is easy and fast to reach, truly making you feel like Kount has your back.”


Dennis L.

Fraud Prevention Coordinator

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