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new account fraud prevention

New accounts can lead to valuable customer relationships — as long as they are created by legitimate customers. Fraudsters and opportunistic customers often open fake accounts that expose your business to unnecessary risks and fraud schemes. That’s why we make sure you let the good customers in and keep the bad ones away.

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new account fraud protection


How new accounts are opened with confidence

When a new user signs up for an account with you, we help verify the user’s identity. So you only let legitimate, good users into your ecosystem — with the least amount of friction and greatest accuracy possible.

New account creation approval

The user’s email risk and usage trends are evaluated. 

The technology analyses the age of an email, how often it has been used, and what it has been used for to identify any red flags or risks.


The user’s identity is verified. 

The user’s identity attributes — such as name, address, and device ID — are compared to global network data to determine if the user is legitimate.


 A trust score is calculated. 

The data analysis reveals how risky a user’s identity is and the level of trust.


 Policies are consulted.

The technology verifies that the user is following the policies you set around account creation.


A decision is made. 

Within milliseconds, the technology gathers enough evidence to automatically approve or decline the user based on the policies you have in place.

Unique features deliver needed benefits

Kount technology provides the capabilities you need to elevate your new account fraud prevention strategy.

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Passwordless Authentication

Verify identities with more secure features like biometrics or trusted devices so that users can log into accounts without a password.

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Synthetic Identities

Block harmful, impossible-to-trace synthetic identities — accounts created with a real social security number or date of birth and fake information.

Protect sensitive information

Identity Verification 

Technology analyses personal information provided — such as name, address, email — to confirm the identity of individuals interacting with your brand.


Benefits you can’t afford to miss

Do you really need to worry about the trust level of new accounts? Here's what's at stake if you do — and if you don't.

WITHOUT protection

  • Miss out on revenue
  • Waste marketing spend 
  • Expose business to financial loss
  • Lose customer loyalty and trust
  • Pay penalties for failed compliance

WITH protection

  • Increase revenue from good customers
  • Improve customer retention
  • Prevent unnecessary risks 
  • Maintain a positive brand image
  • Ensure compliance with business regulations


Added value achieves better results

Kount has the most advanced technology in the industry. And it’s constantly evolving. That means already impressive capabilities are always expanding — consistently increasing accuracy and efficiency.

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Global data network

Kount has decades worth of data — and the most robust data network you can find. As part of the Equifax family, Kount has access to global insights from both digital and physical interactions. And the better your data, the better your decisions will be.

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Advanced screening 

Kount technology can screen out fraudulent accounts, even ones created with synthetic identities — user personas made up of real and fake information. By blocking this type of fraud, Kount helps you avoid major revenue loss and damage to your brand reputation.

Complete identity verification

Complete identity verification 

Our technology analyses billions of data elements to build complete customer personas and produce the most accurate risk assessments. You don’t have to worry about blocking potentially good customers to keep the bad ones out.


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