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Chargeback Guarantee

Ideal for companies that want to stabilize their fraud expenditures with predictable costs and guaranteed protection against criminal fraud, chargebacks, and losses.

Kount’s Chargeback Guarantee provides instant approve/decline decisioning with 100% coverage of eligible fraud-related chargebacks so you can experience risk free revenue growth.

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Performance Guarantee

Ideal for companies that are focused on achieving specific KPIs and want confidence knowing they are backed by industry fraud expertise to help them achieve those KPIs.

Kount guarantees performance on established service levels so you can achieve desired business outcomes with confidence.

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Policy Management and Optimization (PMO)

Ideal for companies that are anticipating or experiencing sophisticated fraud attacks, have complex business problems that are not third-party fraud, or seeking additional fraud prevention guidance.

Kount’s PMO services provide in-depth performance analysis and ongoing management and optimization of business and operational policies so businesses can solve complex problems quickly and accurately with added confidence.

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Managed Services

Ideal for companies that need to build internal fraud expertise or reallocate resources strategically to activities other than day-to-day fraud prevention operations.

Kount’s Managed Services include implementation of Kount’s solution from the creation of business policies to manual reviews. Based on proven best practices, Kount’s Managed Services allow businesses to gain value from Kount’s experienced fraud experts and hand over fraud prevention decisioning.

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Manage Business Outcomes*
Monthly Service Reporting
Agent Reviews  
Performance Credits      
Chargeback Liability Shift      
Friendly Fraud
(VMPI, etc.)
Add-On for Additional Fee Add-On for Additional Fee
Pricing Flat Monthly Fee Flat Monthly Fee Based on Review Volumes Flat Fee Premium RIS Service Credits Flat Basis Point Based on Approved Transaction $


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