Fight chargebacks and recover lost revenue

Kount makes it easy to fight chargebacks and win. Recover revenue that’s rightfully yours.

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Prevent chargebacks with prevention alerts, Ethoca and Verifi


Technology that does it all

Kount offers a complete chargeback management strategy. That means we prevent as many chargebacks as possible. And then we fight what can’t be prevented. 

Fight Chargebacks

When it’s time to fight, do it right.

  • Real-time notifications when a chargeback is received
  • Intelligent filters that know what should and shouldn’t be fought
  • Customized and compelling responses for the best chance of winning
  • Automatic submissions that beat deadlines
  • Detailed win/loss reporting to gauge effectiveness


The hidden benefits of fighting chargebacks

Why should you worry about fighting chargebacks? Isn’t it better to just avoid the hassle? Take a look at what happens when you fight chargebacks — and what you miss out on if you don’t.

Recover revenue

Recover revenue

If you accept chargebacks as a loss, your hard-earned money is gone forever. But if you fight, you can recover revenue that’s been unfairly sacrificed.

Avoid penalties

Avoid penalties

If you don’t respond to certain disputes, you’ll have to pay an expensive fine. But fight back and you can easily avoid those unnecessary penalties. 

Document and star

Prove legitimacy

If you aren’t fighting, the bank is going to wonder why. But fight for money that’s rightfully yours and you’ll help solidify the business’s credibility.

Data transparency at Kount

Uncover data

If you ignore your chargebacks, you miss the data they contain. But if you dig in and investigate, you’ll learn why those chargebacks happened in the first place. 


Fight chargebacks smarter

Ready to fight chargebacks and boost your bottom line? Kount can help. Here’s what sets us apart from any other strategy. 

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High win rates consistently improve

Our technique has the highest win rate in the industry. But we won’t ever settle for “good enough”. We want the very best for you — both today and in the future. 

  • Constant code optimization means high win rates are always improving
  • Significant return on investment protects your bottom line
  • Knowing what should and shouldn’t be fought prevents wasting valuable resources on a lost cause 
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Chargeback Automation

Proven expertise

With years of experience, we know what it takes to win. Whether it’s building our expertise into the technology or being available when you have questions, we make sure you always have what you need to succeed. 

  • Decades of experience have been built into intelligent, efficient technology
  • Official partnerships with Visa® and Mastercard® provide a direct line of communication and insights on what it takes to win
  • On-demand support ensures you always have help when you need it
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Automation flexes to your needs

You could fight chargebacks with repetitive, error-prone, labor-intensive manual processes. Or you could give automation a try. Decide which tasks you want automated, and the technology will get to work. 

  • Flexible options are compatible with existing processes, resources, and abilities
  • Agile technology scales as your business grows and evolves
  • Intuitive features are easy to understand and use


The 3H formula

Intelligent technology — built by chargeback experts with decades of expertise — gives you the best results possible. We know which chargebacks should be fought, how they should be fought, and what it takes to win. 

Because “results” is about more than just win rates — it’s about your bottom line. That’s why we use the 3H Model: High Fight Rate + High Win Rate + High ROI.



High Fight Rate


High Win Rate


High ROI

*percentages based on average results

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