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It’s now easier than ever to stop chargebacks before they happen. Get better results with greater efficiency. 

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The best protection possible

Kount provides all the solutions you need to create the most complete protection possible with the most efficient strategy available.

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Prevent chargebacks with order validation

Order Validation

Turn the cardholder’s bank into your ally against friendly fraud. Share business and transaction information in real-time when requested — such as your return policy or a description of what was purchased. And empower the bank to work on your behalf to resolve the customer complaint.

Kount is a preferred reseller for both order validation solutions:

  • Ethoca Consumer Clarity
  • Verifi Order Insight
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Prevention Alerts Ethoca and Verifi

Prevention Alerts

Receive advance notice when a transaction has been disputed. Use the extra time to review the situation and see if there is a way to resolve the issue — such as refunding the customer. Then let the bank know what action was taken and if a chargeback can be avoided. 

Kount is a preferred reseller for both prevention alert solutions:

  • Ethoca
  • Verifi CDRN
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Rapid dispute resolution prevent chargebacks

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)

Decide which disputes you are willing to accept liability for — such as cases with certain reason codes or transactions over a given dollar amount. Then allow the bank to automatically refund any dispute that meets your chosen criteria. 

Kount is a preferred reseller for Visa’s RDR solution. 

Chargeback Automation


Technology that does it all

The best chargeback management strategy is a multi-layer approach – a variety of solutions used at various stages of the transaction lifecycle. 

Kount provides all the solutions you need to create the most complete protection possible with the most efficient strategy available.


The value of prevention solutions

Any merchant — whether card-present or card-not-present, big or small — can benefit from chargeback prevention solutions.

Reduce chargebacks 

Keep chargeback counts low

Reduce chargeback rates by 40-50%. Keep thresholds low and merchant accounts healthy.

machine learning availabliity

Receive advanced warning

Identify issues within 24 hours of a dispute rather than waiting for a chargeback 2-5 weeks later.

Improved customer experience

Improve customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction by quickly and proactively resolving complaints. 

Save fulfillment costs

Save on fulfillment costs

Stop the shipment of goods on disputed orders. Retain fulfillment, shipping, and product costs.


Making prevention efficient and effective

To achieve the best results possible, your prevention strategy needs to include these three characteristics.

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Prevent chargebacks

Manage everything from one platform

The more solutions you use, the better your protection will be. But logging into different portals to complete tasks and monitor data is a nightmare. That’s why Kount puts everything you need into a single platform. 

  • Get started with just one integration
  • Manage all solutions from a single account
  • Monitor trends across the entire dispute lifecycle
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prevent chargebacks

Monitor outcomes with real-time reporting

Data analysis is the secret to your success. And Kount has what you need. All our prevention solutions come with intuitive, interactive, in-depth reports so you can easily monitor and optimize outcomes. 

  • Identify hidden issues so you can solve problems at their source
  • Monitor the effectiveness of each individual solution so you always have the best ROI
  • Test strategies so results continuously improve 
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Increase efficiency with automation

Adding more solutions to your chargeback management workflow doesn’t have to mean adding more busy work for your team. Pick how much or how little you want to automate, and the technology will handle the time-consuming, labor-intensive, error-prone tasks. 

  • Improve employee satisfaction by removing repetitive, mundane tasks
  • Save time and money by increasing productivity
  • Protect more revenue by eliminating errors and missed opportunities


Incorporate Visa CE 3.0 to prevent more chargebacks

Visa CE 3.0 helps fight friendly fraud disputes by using compelling evidence to link disputed transactions to previous valid purchases, preventing unwarranted chargebacks. Save revenue by quickly proving transaction legitimacy, reducing unnecessary disputes and associated costs.

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