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Understanding Customers is More Important Than Ever
Apr 24, 2024

Dilip Singh discusses the value of using data science to better understand your consumers. Learn how the data you're collecting can lead to consumer…

Equifax and VTEX Join Forces with Strategic Partnership
Mar 18, 2024

Equifax has joined forces with VTEX to enable customers on the VTEX platform to seamlessly integrate with the Kount Payment Fraud solution.

Fireside Chat on Post-Transaction Fraud
Mar 14, 2024

In this interview, Robert Painter talks Visa's CE 3.0 key takeaways and the best strategies for merchants to protect against post-transaction…

Adam Gunther feature on The Future of Identity Podcast
Mar 06, 2024

In this Future of Identity podcast episode, Adam talks about his journey in the identity space and tactical factors needed for reusable identity adoption.

Merchants Turn to AI Key to Improve Customer Retention
Oct 25, 2023

In this highlight, Brady Harrison discusses the use of AI and ML in Payments and how incorporating more AI will help build customer lifetime value.

Q&A with Adam Gunther and Brad Wiskirchen
Oct 23, 2023

In this interview with the Payments Consulting Network, Brad Wiskirchen and Adam Gunther introduce the Digital Solutions team at Equifax.

Omnichannel is a Merchant Priority and Fraudster Opportunity
Aug 08, 2023

Adam Gunther from Kount sits down with to discuss the evolving chargeback landscape and Kount's new pre-dispute management solution.

Authenticating Customers: The Biggest Challenge for Ecommerce Retailers
Jun 26, 2023

In this Insights highlight on Retail Today, Jared Kernodle talks about why ecommerce platforms have become a large target for fraud and how retailers can…

Q1 '23 - Time to Go Back to Basics
Apr 10, 2023

In this highlight, Brad Wiskirchen, SVP and GM of Kount, gives his insights into what businesses should focus on for 2023.

Visa Chargeback Guidelines Will Be a Game Changer
Mar 15, 2023

Visa updated its requirements around reporting fraud, looking to reduce friendly fraud chargebacks and helping merchants retain more of their revenue.

Kount positioned as 2022 Technology Leader
Mar 07, 2023

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announced that it named Kount, an Equifax Company, the 2022 technology leader in the SPARK Matrix for eCommerce Fraud Prevention.

Kount, an Equifax Company, Announces New Platform
Mar 02, 2023

Cloud-based Kount 360 Platform Offers Businesses a Full Suite of Identity, Payment and Compliance Solutions on a Single User Interface

Three Things Merchants Can Do to Fight Fraud in 2023
Feb 17, 2023

Combining data, technology and strategy is the best way to combat fraud and support revenue, Wendi Lete, chief customer experience officer at Kount, writes in…

Go Beyond Fraud Prevention with Identity
Jan 04, 2023

When companies use identity data effectively, they deliver a personalized, frictionless journey - offering products to the right customers at the right time.

Trusted ID Networks Offer Best Defense Against Fraud
Dec 28, 2022

Brad Wiskirchen, SVP and GM of Kount, talks with PYMNTS about the best line of defense against the ever evolving problem of fraud.

eCommerce Success Threatened by Big Tech Data Dependence
Dec 08, 2022

Brady Harrison from Kount talks with PYMNTS on why online businesses need to rethink the way they use Big Tech data to drive sales.

Visa's CE 3.0 Battles Friendly Fraud
Dec 02, 2022

Mark Standfield, president of Midigator, talks with PYMNTS about what Visa's CE 3.0 means for merchants.

NMI, Kount Team on ISV and Merchant Fraud Prevention
Nov 21, 2022

Payments platform NMI is collaborating with Kount, an Equifax Company, to provide enhanced fraud protection.

How AI is tackling payments fraud
Nov 07, 2022

Featured in the Future of Payments Special Edition, Jared Kernodle of Kount and Adam Sharpe of Cardstream discuss how technology is tackling payments fraud.


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