Win back lost revenue with chargeback responses

Chargebacks are causing unfair revenue loss. Recover what’s rightfully yours! Respond to chargebacks, recover revenue, and boost your bottom line. 

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Chargeback response


How does a chargeback response work?

A chargeback response allows you to challenge illegitimate transaction disputes. If you successfully overturn the chargeback, you’ll recover revenue that’s been lost. 

Chargeback response

A transaction is disputed.

The cardholder contacts the bank to dispute a transaction. 


The chargeback notice is received.

The cardholder’s bank sends notice that a transaction has been disputed. 


The case is reviewed.

A decision whether or not to fight is made. 


A response is created.

A rebuttal is crafted with supporting documentation.


The response is submitted.

The chargeback response is sent to the cardholder’s bank. 


Revenue is recovered.

The convincing argument overturns the chargeback and recovers lost revenue.


The hidden benefits of chargeback responses

Why should you worry about fighting chargebacks? Isn’t it better to just avoid the hassle? Take a look at what happens when you fight chargebacks — and what you miss out on if you don’t.

Recover revenue

Recover revenue

If you accept chargebacks as a loss, your hard-earned money is gone forever. But if you fight, you can recover revenue that’s been unfairly sacrificed. 

real-time data

Uncover data

If you ignore your chargebacks, you miss the data they contain. But if you dig in and investigate, you’ll learn why those chargebacks happened in the first place. 

Reduce chargebacks 

Avoid penalties

If you don’t respond to certain disputes, you’ll have to pay an expensive fine. But fight back and you can easily avoid those unnecessary penalties. 

Protect sensitive account information

Prove legitimacy

If you aren’t fighting, the bank is going to wonder why. But fight for money that’s rightfully yours and you’ll help solidify the business’s credibility.


Added value achieves better results

Ready to fight chargebacks and boost your bottom line? Kount can help. Here’s what sets us apart from any other strategy.

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High win rates consistently improve

Our technique has the highest win rate in the industry. But we won’t ever settle for “good enough”. We want the very best for you — both today and in the future. 

  • Constant code optimization means high win rates are always improving
  • Significant return on investment protects your bottom line
  • Knowing what should and shouldn’t be fought prevents wasting valuable resources on a lost cause 
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Proven expertise

With years of experience, we know what it takes to win. Whether it’s building our expertise into the technology or being available when you have questions, we make sure you always have what you need to succeed. 

  • Decades of experience have been built into intelligent, efficient technology
  • Official partnerships with Visa® and Mastercard® provide a direct line of communication and insights on what it takes to win
  • On-demand support ensures you always have help when you need it
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Automation flexes to your needs

You could fight chargebacks with repetitive, error-prone, labor-intensive manual processes. Or you could give automation a try. Decide which tasks you want automated, and the technology will get to work. 

  • Flexible options are compatible with existing processes, resources, and abilities
  • Agile technology scales as your business grows and evolves
  • Intuitive features are easy to understand and use
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Unique data you won’t find anywhere else

Do you have the best strategy? Could your results be better? What would it take to improve? The secret to success lies in your data — and Kount has everything you need to make informed, educated, data-driven decisions that consistently improve your bottom line. 

  • Analyze case-specific data or review results for your entire portfolio
  • Break down win rates by dozens of different variables
  • Check to see which response strategy has the highest probability of winning

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