Prevent chargebacks with order validation

Prevent chargebacks without issuing a refund or sacrificing revenue. Protect your business's reputation and your bottom line. 

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Order validation


Everything you need. All in one place.

No matter what type of transaction you process, Kount can help protect your revenue. We have everything you need to resolve disputes, all in one easy-to-use platform. 

Kount is a preferred reseller for both order validation solutions.

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How does order validation work?

Order validation turns the cardholder’s bank into your ally against friendly fraud. By empowering the bank’s customer service department to resolve disputes on your behalf, you can reduce the risk of chargebacks without using your own team’s resources. 


order validation

A transaction is disputed.

The customer wants to dispute a purchase or has questions about a transaction. 


An order validation request is sent.

The bank activates order validation and requests additional information. 


The order validation request is received.

Kount receives the request. 


Information is shared.

Information is returned to the bank in 1-2 seconds. 


A chargeback is prevented.

The bank uses the new insights to provide the clarity needed to resolve the dispute. 


Unique benefits you don’t want to miss

All chargeback prevention solutions come with clear benefits like keeping chargeback counts low, improving the customer experience, solving issues quicker, and saving fulfillment costs. But what are the unique qualities that make order validation so useful?

order validation

Revenue Protection

Order validation resolves disputes without sacrificing revenue. Once a customer understands the charge, a refund is no longer necessary.

Chargeback Automation

Full Automation

Order validation is a completely automated solution. You don’t need to do anything — the technology works on your behalf to prevent chargebacks.


The most complete chargeback protection possible

If you use Kount to manage order validation, you’ll get a great chargeback prevention solution plus additional benefits you won't find anywhere else. 

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order validation

Multiple response options

You decide how much and which types of information you want to share, and Kount will make it happen. 

  • Work within your existing processes, resources, and abilities
  • Adjust as new information emerges or details change
  • Onboard quickly for fast results
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order validation

Reporting and analytics

Access data you won’t find anywhere else. With intuitive, interactive, in-dept reports, you can easily monitor and optimize outcomes. 

  • Be notified the second there is an issue instead of waiting for a chargeback 2-5 weeks later
  • Identify hidden issues so you can solve problems at their source
  • Test strategies so results continuously improve
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All-in-one platform

The more solutions you use, the greater your protection will be. But keeping track of everything can be challenging — unless you have all your solutions in one place. 

  • Launch multiple solutions with just one integration
  • Manage a complete strategy from a single account — prevent, fight, analyze, and automate
  • Monitor trends across the entire dispute lifecycle
Prevent chargebacks with prevention alerts, Ethoca and Verifi


Incorporating order validation into a complete strategy

Order validation is a useful chargeback prevention solution, but its real value is realized when the solution is incorporated into a broader management strategy. The more complete your strategy, the greater revenue protection you’ll have. 

Kount offers a complete chargeback management strategy so you can achieve the best results with the greatest efficiency possible.


Leveraging Visa CE 3.0 to prevent more chargebacks

Declined transactions

Prevent Chargebacks

Visa CE 3.0 stops chargebacks before they start by using Order Insight to submit compelling evidence early. This proactive approach protects your chargeback ratio and saves your business from unnecessary fees and revenue loss.

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Powerful Proof

CE 3.0 uses data including IP addresses and device IDs to quickly prove transaction legitimacy. This compelling evidence prevents unwarranted chargebacks to ensure you keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

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Use order validation to prevent chargebacks

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