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Being able to accept payments from your customers is an absolute necessity. But processing transactions can be risky — if you don’t have the right protections in place. Find out how Kount can help your business generate more revenue with less risk.

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Kount offers a complete trust and safety strategy for payments. Protect your revenue across the entire customer lifecycle. 

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Fraud detection and prevention

Detecting suspicious activity can reduce the risk of unauthorised transactions — and the associated reputational damage, fees, and chargebacks.

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Chargeback management

Managing risk at every stage of the chargeback lifecycle can both protect and recover revenue to significantly improve your bottom line.

Improved data analysis

Authorisation optimization

Empowering issuing banks with greater cardholder insights can increase authorization approval rates without increasing risk or friction.

Account protection

We can help you pick the most relevant solutions and put together a strategy that’s just right for your business. Schedule a call with our team today to learn more.


Added value achieves better results

Why should you use Kount to minimise payment risk? Here’s what sets us apart from any other strategy.

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Advanced technology

While other strategies are based on manual processes that cause expensive errors and oversights, Kount’s strategy is driven by efficient, accurate technology.

  • Multiple integration options are compatible with your existing processes and abilities
  • Customization allows you to decide how much or how little is automate
  • Intuitive features are easy to understand and use
  • Flexible technology keeps pace as your business scales
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what makes Kount different

Complete Strategy

Criminal fraud. Friendly fraud. There are dozens of different threats at every point along the payment processing workflow. And Kount’s solutions can address them all.

  • All-in-one strategy increases efficiency and reduces costs
  • Data consolidation provides transparency from beginning to end
  • Multiple layers of protection yield more revenue with higher return on investment
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16 years in buiness, 250 geographical locations, 15,000 brands, 75 industries

Proven expertise

We have decades more experience and data — all of which has been consolidated into a proven-effective strategy. Greater insights produce better results.

  • Experience with thousands of global clients means more robust consumer insights 
  • Constant code optimization means impressive results are always improving
  • Official partnerships with Visa® and Mastercard® provide exclusive insights
  • On-demand support ensures you always have help when you need it

"After trying several ecommerce fraud prevention platforms, Kount yielded unparalleled results."


Brandon S.

Senior Technical Sales Representative

"If you have an ecommerce business and chargebacks are an issue for you, Kount is THE answer."


Will F.


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