It’s time for flexible automation.

If you want different results, you need a different technique. It’s time to say goodbye to time-consuming, labor-intensive, error-prone processes — and say hello to efficient, flexible, accurate automation.

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How automation works

Create an automation strategy that perfectly aligns with the way you work. Whatever you choose, you can expect amazing results. 


Needs are determined.

Our experts will help you identify the best approach — high-touch, set-it-and-forget-it, or somewhere in between.


Policies are set.

Our team will leverage decades of experience to help you determine which variables to monitor, the acceptable risk thresholds, and the desired actions.


Automation is activated.

The technology goes to work. It reviews each interaction, makes a risk assessment, and then consults the policies you have in place.


Outcomes are reviewed.

If you set policies that allow for manual reviews, flagged orders are set aside for your team to check and the automation carries on.


Decisions are reported.

The technology provides complete transparency on how and why the automation acted the way it did. 


Your strategy evolves.

You can adjust your strategy at any time to include more or less automation — whatever threshold is best for your business.


Results continuously improve.

Not only does Kount’s automation deliver confidence in every interaction, it also increases efficiency for greater employee satisfaction and workplace morale.


Benefits you can’t afford to miss 

Is your work day a never-ending to-do list of tedious tasks that leave you feeling overworked and unfulfilled? What if you could breeze through your daily responsibilities in a fraction of the time? Or get better results with less effort? Now you can. All you need is flexible automation. 

WITHOUT automation

  • Confusing
  • Time consuming
  • Labor intensive
  • Error prone
  • Stagnant results
  • Difficult to maintain

WITH automation

  • Intuitive
  • Efficient
  • Simple
  • Accurate
  • Improving results
  • Easy to scale


Added value achieves better results

Thinking about adding automation to your trust and safety strategy? Wondering if all automation is the same? Here’s what sets Kount apart from any other technology.

machine learning adaptability

Customizable strategy

Create a strategy that perfectly fits your needs, wants, and wishes. From manually reviewing to fully automating — and everything in between — you have total control over what the technology manages. 

Data automation

Data driven

Technology shouldn’t just boost efficiency — it also has to improve accuracy. Otherwise, you’re simply making it easier to achieve the same disappointing results. Kount’s automation is backed by experience that knows what will be successful. 

Complete fraud prevention automation

Complete solution

Kount provides a complete solution with automation options throughout the customer journey. As your business grows, your needs will change. Set yourself up for success from day one by picking a solution that’s just as agile as you.

Automation by the numbers


less manual reviews


less false positives


less labor costs


less labor hours


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Replace labor-intensive tasks with efficient automation.

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