Ecommerce fraud prevention that is easy, effective, and accurate

Finally, a solution built just for ecommerce merchants that will stop fraudsters without turning away legitimate customers. Equip your online store with the power to detect and prevent multiple types of fraud in real time.

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How ecommerce fraud is prevented with Kount

What process does Kount use to detect and prevent fraud for online merchants? 

How ecommerce fraud prevention works

An ecommerce transaction is initiated.

A customer visits your online store, adds one or more items to their cart, and attempts to make a purchase. 


Data is collected.

Kount collects various data points like the customer’s email address, billing address, shipping address, IP address, device ID, and more.


Risk is calculated.

The customer data is analyzed by Kount’s machine learning. The technology looks at both the shopper’s past actions and current attributes for red flags to help determine the transaction’s level of risk.


Policies are applied.

The technology consults the policies you’ve set to determine how the transaction should be handled. 


A decision is made.

Kount will make a decision based on the level of risk, available data, and your pre-set policies. If you’d like the chance to personally check suspicious orders, the transaction may be flagged for review. Otherwise, it will either be approved or declined. 


Your ecommerce business grows confidently and efficiently.

Kount accurately blocks fraudulent transactions. That means you can reduce risk without hurting the relationships you have with good customers. And because automation can replace the need to manually review transactions, you can grow your business with unmatched efficiency.

Serving thousands of online businesses just like yours

customized solution

Want to use the technology in a unique way? Have specific use cases we haven’t outlined? Let us know. We can customize our solutions to fit your business’s individual needs.


Fraud prevention integrations with the biggest ecommerce platforms

Kount has direct integrations with the industry’s biggest ecommerce platforms. Whether you want a Shopify fraud prevention app, Woo Commerce extension, or something in between, Kount can help.

Get up and running with just a click of a button. All the development work has already been done. No integration required! 

Ecommerce integration step #1


Select Kount as your ecomerce fraud detection solution.

Ecommerce integration step 2


Activate the connection between Kount & your ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce integration step 3


Start protecting your business. You can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Kount dashboard

Not using one of our integrated ecommerce platforms? That’s fine! Kount’s flexible technology is designed to work with your existing processes, resources, and abilities — whatever those may be. Schedule a call with our team today to discuss the best integration strategy for your business.

what makes Kount different


Unique fraud prevention benefits you won’t find anywhere else

We don’t think Kount is better than other service providers — we believe we are different. And there are three things that set us apart from any other fraud prevention company out there.

  1. Flexible technology
  2. Complete strategy
  3. Unmatched expertise

Flexible online fraud prevention features

Kount’s technology — and the data it’s built on — is truly unique. We provide you the very best capabilities and features to make sure you get outstanding results with the greatest efficiency possible.

Improved data analysis


Access the industry’s most robust database. Kount started collecting data several years before any other service provider. As a bonus, now that we are part of the Equifax family, we have access to consumer insights that date back to 1899. We’ve served thousands of global clients with billions of annual interactions, giving us an unmatched ability to make educated, accurate, data-driven decisions.

kount icon automation


Trust real-time automation driven by advanced machine learning in fraud detection. Kount is one of the few service providers on the market today to use two forms of machine learning fraud detection — supervised and unsupervised. Because we offer more innovative technology, you will benefit from better results: enhanced fraud prevention, reduced customer friction, and increased employee efficiency.

machine learning adaptability


Enjoy a solution that perfectly fits your needs. Choose an integration option that works with your existing processes, resources, and abilities. Then create a customised automation strategy that perfectly aligns with the way you work — high-touch, set-it-and-forget-it, or somewhere in between. And because our technology is flexible, we can keep pace as your business grows.

Complete strategy

Ecommerce threats are constantly emerging and evolving. That’s why Kount offers a complete strategy for fraud management. We make sure you are always one step ahead of fraudsters and opportunistic customers. 

customer experience


Detect takeover and manipulation threats with account protection. Block fake signups with new account fraud prevention. And use loyalty program fraud prevention to stop customers from abusing promotions.

Chargeback alerts


Block unauthorized transactions that damage your reputation, increase costs, and cause extra work for your employees. Protect against any fraud threat, including card testing attacks, resell attempts, and personal gain. 

Kount icon shopping cart


Manage chargeback fraud along with criminal fraud. Use friendly fraud prevention techniques and dispute management software to reduce the risk of invalid chargebacks. Chargeback solutions can even challenge false fraud claims and help you recover lost revenue.

fraud detection, chargeback protection, consumer insights, identity verification


Confront emerging trends proactively like refund fraud and elder financial exploitation. Use data to detect and prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of vulnerable consumers, policy loopholes, or fraud-as-a-service opportunities.  

Unmatched expertise

Members of our team have decades of experience. We know what it takes to succeed, and we are ready to share our valuable insights so you can have an intelligent, strategic, data-driven solution for payment fraud prevention.



Leverage our industry relationships. Kount has direct partnerships with Visa®, Mastercard®, and dozens of leading financial institutions. We will make sure you are aware of relevant industry expectations and help you proactively prepare to benefit from updates. 



Schedule consultations with our experts. Any time you have questions or want advice, we are just a phone call away. The Kount team can advise on everything from lowering fraud ratios and getting out of chargeback monitoring programs to setting policies and auditing business practices. 

kount blog


Take efficiency and accuracy to the next level by outsourcing tasks. The Kount team can help manage some or all of your fraud management responsibilities. Whether it’s analysing outcomes, researching trends, or adjusting policies, our experts are ready to help.  


What you can expect from Kount

Our clients experience significant improvements in multiple metrics. We don’t solve just part of the problem — we offer a complete solution. 

  • Increase approval rates.
  • Boost revenue and conversion rates.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance efficiency and employee morale.
  • Increase decision accuracy.
  • Protect business reputation and longevity.
  • Lower false positives.
  • Block fraud and chargebacks.
  • Reduce friction.
  • Reduce manual processes.
  • Eliminate hunches and guesses.
  • Avoid penalties and fines.


Proven-effective fraud prevention

Our technology has won countless awards and recognitions. We are regularly named the industry’s best solution provider by independent analysts. And our satisfied customers are eager to share their praises. 

Juniper Established Leader
Quadrant technology leader
CNP Best Anti-Fraud Solution
G2 Leader
Capterra reviews


More than just fraud prevention software

Yes, Kount is really good at detecting and stopping fraudulent activities. But we are also capable of so much more. Learn more about our additional features and solutions.

kount icon identity verification


Use Kount’s digital identity data and consumer insights to improve marketing initiatives. Add in identity verification software and you’ll have unmatched intelligence on who is interacting with your brand. 

lock credit card


Enhance every aspect of your payment strategy. From strong customer authentication and payment fraud protection to authorization optimization and chargeback responses, Kount can do it all. 

Account Protection Shield and Star


Our regulatory compliance software offers full protection: global watchlist search, sanctions screening, customer due diligence, portfolio monitoring, and more. Adhere to rules easily and confidently. 

Kount hexagon background


Real-life example of Kount’s fraud protection

For decades, GNC’s purpose has been to help people around the world live well. And in order to meet that goal, GNC needs the right partners in place to make sure the business is successful. And Kount is one of those vital partners. Kount offers a complete solution to detect and prevent fraud, delivering confidence at every point along the customer journey.


What our clients are saying

"Kount allows us to continue to serve the customer to the best of our ability without having to slow things down, without having to say no to the customer."


Chad Funk

Fraud Specialist

"Kount has made my life infinitely easier. I’m back to doing my job instead of spending my entire work week battling fraud.”


Christine Barnum


"I love Kount. I have been working in fraud detection and analysis for over 10 years. I have used, reviewed, and I'm familiar with almost all the softwares out there, and I must say that Kount stands out to me as one of the best — if not the best anti-fraud tool in the entire industry."


Christian Z.

Fraud and Chargeback Analyst


Put a stop to ecommerce fraud

Fraud and chargebacks have challenged your business for long enough. Sign up for a demo of Kount and see how easy it can be to protect your business. 

certified and secure technology
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Protection for every payment type

Want to offer a variety of payment options to your customers but worried about adding more risk? Don't be. Kount can provide protection for all types of payment methods.


Send and receive digital bank payments more securely. Use identity verification tools to make sure money is sent to and from the right customers.


Keep digital wallets managed by you safe from fraudsters. Then protect your business from unauthorized purchases made with a stolen digital wallet.


Give your customers more options. Accept payments from mobile apps like Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle without adding more risk or increasing friction.


Offer secure digital gift cards to your customers. And no longer worry about fraudsters hacking card numbers or committing gift card fraud.


Learn more about payment fraud detection at Kount

Want to know more about Kount’s ecommerce fraud prevention? Check out our most commonly asked questions below for better insights about the threats you face and our approach to solving them. 

about kount


What is Kount’s story? How did you get started?

Kount started out as an in-house solution. Our leaders developed digital identity verification and fraud protection software to solve the challenges they were experiencing firsthand. The goal was to create an easy, all-in-one solution that anyone could use.

Over time, the technology’s capabilities have grown. Kount now offers a complete trust and safety solution that spans the entire customer journey — from identity analytics to chargeback protection and everything in between. We strive to give our clients complete confidence in every interaction, and we make sure our software delivers.

As new fraud threats emerge, we consistently update our technology and improve upon our approach to solving the ever-evolving challenges in today's digital world.


What are the biggest fraud threats for ecommerce merchants?

Fraud tactics are always evolving. But these are a few of the biggest threats that seem to be ongoing issues for most ecommerce businesses. 

Kount icon warning

Unauthorized transactions

Fraudsters will use stolen credit cards or account information to make unauthorized transactions. These purchases are usually for personal gain or resale potential. And most of the time, a fraudulent charge is followed by a chargeback. If the issue gets out of hand, you could face more severe consequences — like brand damage or enrollment in a monitoring program.

Kount icon warning

Card testing fraud

Card testing is a specific type of unauthorized transaction. These purchases — which test the validity of stolen payment information — are usually for small amounts. But the damage can quickly add up. For example, say a fraudster tests 500 cards within a day. Not only do you pay a small fee to authorize each payment, you also pay chargebacks for any disputes made by the cardholder.

Kount icon warning

Account opening fraud

Opportunistic customers will open fake accounts to commit loyalty or discount fraud. They’ll take advantage of promotions designed to attract new, legitimate customers. What this means is that you give these promotions to people who won’t boost your bottom line. And as a result, you don’t get a return on your investment.

Kount icon warning

Account takeover

Online accounts usually contain tons of valuable assets like payment information and loyalty points. Fraudsters will attempt to hack into accounts to steal from the account holder. The result can be devastating. You may lose customers forever. And recovering from a major attack can be costly. You pay for any fees and disputes, security updates, and labor to restore accounts.

Kount icon warning

Refund fraud

There are several ways that opportunistic customers may try to exploit your refund policy. For example, they might try to get refunds without returning the merchandise. Or they may return counterfeit or used goods. And sometimes they may hire a professional refunding service to get refunds on their behalf. No matter how it happens, refund fraud costs you goods and revenue.


What kind of guarantees does Kount offer?

machine learning dashboard on mobile device

If you are in the market for a trust and safety solution — especially one that includes chargeback software — you are probably wondering what kind of performance guarantees are available. 

Some service providers offer a chargeback guarantee or chargeback insurance. And those guarantees typically involve undisclosed limitations and exceptions — which can cause inaccurate expectations and disappointment. 

But at Kount, we value transparency. We are always open and honest with our clients.

Our guarantee is this: Kount will relentlessly pursue excellence on your behalf. We will work tirelessly to ensure you achieve the very best results with the least amount of effort, the lowest costs, and the highest ROI.

Schedule a call with our team to learn more about our guarantees. And find out what it’s like to have a dispute management system with the very best chargeback prevention results possible — not expensive, “good enough” outcomes cloaked by false promises.