Trust and safety solutions for online gaming companies

It’s time to stop fraudsters from infiltrating your games and negatively affecting your relationship with your customers. And Kount can help. We offer online gaming fraud detection solutions that protect your customers’ gaming accounts and help grow your business.

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Online gaming fraud prevention
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Complete protection.
No matter the risk.

Kount offers a complete trust and safety strategy that delivers confidence in every interaction.

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Prevent account takeover

Block or challenge abnormal behavior from fraudsters attempting to hack into gaming accounts. Build a relationship of trust and confidence with your customers.

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Block promo abuse

Confidently extend offers like sign-up bonuses without worrying about fake accounts created to abuse promotions. Spend money on marketing that does more help than harm. 

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Provide seamless experiences

Provide frictionless in-game or in-app buying experiences for known customers with customizable security protocols. Challenge suspicious behavior that could be fraud.

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Stop new account fraud

Prevent customers and fraudsters from creating multiple new accounts, a scheme known as multi-accounting, to scam other players or unfairly gain advantages in games. 

Prevent chargebacks

Reduce chargebacks

Protect against chargebacks from money laundering schemes, payments fraud, and in-game artifact trading scams. Avoid chargeback fees and time-consuming management responsibilities. 

Resolve friendly fraud

Resolve friendly fraud 

Help customers recognize unknown purchases and quickly refund unintentional purchases to resolve disputes. Avoid unnecessary chargebacks and maintain a good relationship with your customers.

Account protection

Pick the protections you need the most and we’ll put together a strategy that’s just right for your business. Schedule a call with our team today to learn more.


What Kount can do for you

Kount is trust and safety technology that has helped businesses like yours reduce risk and increase revenue — with the highest ROI possible. We understand the challenges unique to your business. And we can help you solve them.

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Drop-In Gaming wants gamers to feel confident and secure about building their accounts, storing their payment information, and playing in online tournaments — and Kount helps achieve these goals.

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