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Understanding your customer base has always been a business necessity. But the task is becoming more and more complex. How do you accurately avoid the bad customers without negatively impacting the good ones? Kount’s consumer insights can help. 

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What are consumer insights?

Kount’s consumer insights solution uses data to build individual customer profiles so you can draw conclusions about how each person could impact your business.  

This understanding helps you avoid unnecessary risk and capture more value from each individual you serve.

How does Kount's consumer insights work?

Our consumer insights solution involves five simple steps.


kount builds consumer profiles


Kount builds individual profiles.

We leverage our identity graph — that takes consumer data from billions of annual interactions with thousands of global businesses — and generate individual consumer profiles.

API Call consumer insights


You send data to Kount.

You connect to Kount’s technology through an API. Any time you want to receive actionable insights — either at set points in the customer journey or sporadically for analysis — make an API call with your known identity data.  We accept up to five identity keys per interaction: name and physical address, email address, phone number, payment token and device ID.

identify profile in identity graph


Kount identifies the profile.

We match the information you provide to an individual’s unique customer profile — and their related insights — in our database.

consumer insights api response


Kount returns the data insights

Kount responds to your API call in real time. Responses include a combination of customer insights — like spending power, past chargeback activity, and average purchase amount — and assessment scores – like trustworthiness, legitimacy, and consistency scores. 

data driven decisions


You make confident decisions.

The insights we provide help you make data-driven decisions in dozens of different use cases — like conducting additional risk assessments, improving the accuracy of customer acquisition techniques, increasing retention rates, and more. The end result is safe, confident revenue growth.


What insights does Kount provide?

Consumer insights are sold in packages. You can receive a single package of insights or multiple packages.


Fraud insights

Determine the level of risk associated with an individual. Examples of data attributes include chargeback and refund activity, trustworthiness, and number of devices.

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Payer Insights

Gain visibility into an individual’s shopping behaviors. Learn about variables like average shopping cart value, number of items purchased, and shopping frequency.

Save fulfillment costs

Wallet insights

Consider an individual’s wealth and economic status. This package provides insights on characteristics such as spending power, affluence, income, and debt.

key and person

Input validation

Send us data elements — like name, address, phone number, and email — and we’ll tell you if those characteristics go together as part of a valid consumer profile.


How would a business use Kount’s consumer insights?

Every organization is different. That’s why Kount creates solutions that can be customized for your unique needs.

However, when it comes to understanding customer identities, there are a couple thoughts that most businesses have in common: “what is the risk associated with this individual?” and “how can I capture more value from this individual?”

For that reason, consumer insights tend to be most appealing to fraud and marketing teams. And there are dozens of different ways our solution can be used to meet those broader goals. Here are a few examples.

bad lead

Confidently block bad customers

With your own data, you might be able to detect when someone engages in bad behavior. But how do you know if that was a one-time instance or an ongoing occurrence? 

You don’t want to permanently block a potentially good customer that’s going through a hard time. But you also can’t afford to let people walk all over you. 

Use Kount to check consumer behavior with other businesses in our network — how often someone files a chargeback, requests a refund, defaults on a payment. Then confidently block the customers who don’t deserve to do business with you.



Did you make a financial offer to someone and you aren’t getting your money back? Want to know if you should send the case to collections or just write off the loss? 

Check characteristics about an individual's wealth to optimize your collections strategy. With consumer insights you can make safe, confident decisions that maximize revenue and cut costs with the least amount of risk.

lead quality

Lead quality

Should you actively engage every lead that enters your funnel? Probably not. Send new contacts to Kount for review and save time on market research. We’ll let you know if individuals are a good fit for your business. 

For example, have they bought from businesses like yours in the past? Do they typically spend enough to yield a positive ROI? Is this identity even real?! 

Remove any low-quality leads before you waste time and money on a deal that you can’t or shouldn’t close.

personalized experiences upsell customer

Personalized Experiences

Wouldn’t it be great if you could target your customers with the perfect offer at the exact right moment? With consumer insights, you can. 

If someone’s annual income just dropped significantly, now might not be the best time to feature social media ads for an expensive vacation package. However, if an individual jumps to a different economic cohort, it’s the perfect opportunity to upsell a penthouse suite instead of a ground-floor single. 

Use data elements to create targeted marketing campaigns and experiences that perfectly align with customer preferences, propensity to spend, potential risk, and more. Then build positive customer sentiment around your brand.

customer lifetime value

Customer lifetime value

Which customers will yield the highest return on investment? Which will produce the most revenue over the course of their relationship with you? 
Use consumer insights to identify your most valuable customers. Find out which customers come back again and again. Learn how much is spent on each purchase — and how much they could spend based on income. Then target those individuals with personalized offers for the greatest profitability. 


Added value achieves better results

Why choose Kount for consumer insights? Here’s what sets us apart.

Chargeback Automation

Greater value and efficiency

You always have the option to buy data from a third party. But why bother? Purchased data is less accurate than first-party data. Plus, it’s hard to determine the quality of someone else’s information. Kount makes it easy to find value in your data. And with dozens of proprietary scoring models, you can decipher what insights mean for your business.

machine learning adaptability

Customization and flexibility

Kount’s complete strategy for trust and safety allows you to pick the solutions that are most relevant to your business. And consumer insights is no exception. Pick the packages of data you want to receive, and our technology will deliver. Plus, the solution is fully customizable. You can use the information provided in countless ways. Whatever challenge your business wants to solve, consumer insights can help.

Improved data analysis

Robust data analytics

Our solution is built on billions of annual interactions gathered over several decades from a network of global businesses in countless industries. This means the insights we provide are truly unique — more robust than what you could gather on your own or retrieve from any other solution provider on the market today.


Frequently asked questions

Because our data network is built on 15 years of transactional data, we can create accurate digital identities — essentially profiles of your customers. With those identities, you can develop a deeper understanding of your customers. You gain insights about their likes and dislikes, ability to spend, purchasing decisions, trustworthiness, and more.

From there, you can improve the customer experience with personalization. For example, you can offer promotions on products and services they are likely to be interested in, communicate via their preferred platforms (social media, email, text, etc.), and provide advertising content that is truly relevant to each customer based on their preferences.

We deliver your insights via a direct API — and it happens within milliseconds. You simply provide us one or more of five key data inputs, and we can return 120+ scores and insights. Our goal is to deliver valuable insights with no delay. 

Because of our delivery method, consumer insights can easily be accessed by businesses of any size.


No. Consumer insights does not give out personally identifiable information (PII) such as phone numbers, addresses, or emails for new or existing customers. The insights we provide are based on customers that are already in your network. 

The data we provide is anonymized so that customer identities and personal information remain protected.

Consumer insights is meant to help you better interact with customers that you know so you can create positive, lasting relationships with them.

Consumer insights is not meant to be a replacement for Kount’s fraud prevention products. It’s meant to supplement your fraud protection to help you create better, more personalized experiences for your customers. You can use consumer insights independently or in tandem with other Kount products. 

If you want to learn more about what these insights can do for your business specifically, reach out to our team.

Yes. Data security is our number one priority. We maintain high levels of data security to keep your business data and your customers’ data safe. All Kount products are compliant and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding data privacy safety. We value transparency and are more than happy to address any concerns you have.


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"Kount is very useful. I definitely recommend that companies use Kount in order to help their bottom line."


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"Kount provides facts and data that can give you confidence on business decisions and risks for your company."


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Sr. Sales Support Analyst

"I like how much information is provided for each transaction. Seriously impressed by how powerful Kount is!"


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