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Want to grow your brand and increase revenue without worrying about risks? Kount can help. We understand the challenges you face and offer solutions to confidently increase revenue while minimizing potential threats every step of the way.

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Health and beauty fraud prevention
Kount for health and beauty

Health and beauty

Kount serves thousands of businesses in the health and beauty industry. Learn how customers like GNC use Kount to protect their brands from third-party resellers and achieve their companys' missions.

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Healthcare with HIPAA certification
Kount for health care


Learn how Kount can help you safely verify and authenticate your patients while maintaining full compliance with all payment industry standards and HIPAA.

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Online learning trust and safety
Kount for online learning

Online learning

Kount has helped companies in the online learning space protect against all types of fraud  — from card testing to account sharing and more. See how we can help your online learning business grow.

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Online gaming fraud prevention
Kount for gaming

Online gaming

Account security is everything when it comes to gaming. Hear about how Kount helps companies like Drop-In Gaming secure the online gaming experience.

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Quick service restaurant fraud prevention
Kount for restaurants


In the restaurant industry, every dollar counts. Learn about how Kount can manage fraud for your restaurant and provide opportunities for growth.

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Online streaming entertainment
Kount for online streaming

Streaming services

Password sharing, account takeover, fake streams  — no matter the type of fraud threat, Kount can help protect profits and grow your business. 

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Direct sales fraud prevention
Resolve friendly fraud

Direct sales

See how Kount helps brands like Young Living Essential Oils grow their business with the least amount of risk possible.

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