Protect your revenue with chargeback management

Chargebacks have damaged your bottom line for long enough. It’s time to protect the revenue that’s rightfully yours — and Kount can help. We offer a complete solution for chargeback management. 

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A complete strategy for
chargeback management

chargeback management strategy

Kount is capable of solving the problem of chargebacks — the entire problem, not just the most obvious or easiest-to-handle threats. 

Our goal is to protect the maximum amount of revenue in the most efficient and accurate way possible.


The hidden benefits of chargeback management

Why bother with chargeback management? Because it can significantly improve your bottom line in multiple ways.

Benefits of preventing chargebacks

Reduce chargebacks 

Keep chargeback counts low

Reduce chargeback rates by 60-70%. Keep thresholds low and merchant accounts healthy.

Improved customer experience

Improve customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction by quickly and proactively resolving complaints.

machine learning availabliity

Take quick action

Identify issues within 24 hours of a dispute rather than waiting for a chargeback 2-5 weeks later.

Save fulfillment costs

Save fulfillment costs

Stop the shipment of goods on disputed orders. Retain fulfillment, shipping, and product costs.

Benefits of fighting chargebacks

Recover revenue

Recover revenue

If you accept chargebacks as a loss, your hard-earned money is gone forever. But if you fight, you can recover revenue that’s been unfairly sacrificed.

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Uncover data

If you ignore your chargebacks, you miss the data they contain. But if you dig in and investigate, you’ll learn why chargebacks happened in the first place.

Avoid penalties

Avoid penalties

If you don’t respond to certain disputes, you’ll have to pay an expensive fine. But fight back and you can easily avoid those unnecessary penalties.

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Prove legitimacy

If you aren’t fighting, the bank is going to wonder why. But fight for money that’s rightfully yours and you’ll help solidify the business’s credibility.


Added value achieves better results

Want to manage chargebacks with greater efficiency and better results? Here’s what sets Kount apart from any other strategy.

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Impressive return on investment

Other strategies might yield high win rates, but they come with low or negative ROI. At Kount, we understand what really matters — your bottom line. That’s why we strive for both high win rates and significant ROI.

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Flexible automation

Not all automation is created equal. You need flexible automation that fits the unique preferences of your business. With options for DIY, fully-managed, and everything in between, Kount can do it all.

Account Protection Shield and Star

Proven expertise

Our chargeback experts have spent decades learning the rules, testing strategies, and building relationships. We know what it takes to succeed. Ongoing insights are funneled into technology that is constantly optimized so results are always improving.

kount icon historical data

Real-time data

When it comes to managing chargebacks, time is money. You can’t afford to wait days or even hours to know what’s happening. You need data in real time so you can make quick and accurate decisions — and that’s exactly what Kount provides.


Use compelling evidence to fight unfair chargebacks

Visa CE 3.0 helps resolve disputes quickly by using past transaction data to prove legitimacy. Link disputed transactions to previous valid purchases and submit evidence through Order Insights to block unnecessary chargebacks. Protect chargeback ratios and save valuable time.

Protection at every stage of the transaction lifestyle

Identity Verification

Transaction Authorization

Dispute Raised

Order Validation

Chargeback Alerts

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)

Chargeback Response


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Solve the problem of chargebacks

Thousands of companies from all over the world use Kount to manage numerous challenges throughout the chargeback process — everything from preventing friendly fraud to recovering revenue. Will you be next? Sign up for a demo today to get started.

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