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Wondering how to detect and prevent financial crimes? Unsure about how to conduct necessary checks against sanctions lists? Concerned about the technical know-how needed to comply with law enforcement expectations? Don’t worry. Kount offers a complete solution for global watchlist screening with flexible onboarding options.

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Global watchlist screening at Kount


How global watchlist screening works

How would Kount help your business adhere to screening requirements from various enforcement agencies? 

screening and assessment

Preferences are set.

An account manager helps you choose an integration option — API or batch uploads — that fits with your existing workflow and technology resources.  


Inquiries are received.

Data is sent to Kount via your established technology path at whatever cadence you prefer. 


Inquiries are screened.

Provided information is screened against consolidated lists in our sanction databases for money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and more. 


Portfolio is built and monitored.

Data is added to a confidential database for ongoing global watchlist screening and monitoring. 


Benefits you can’t afford to miss

Do you really need to worry about watchlist screening? Here is what happens if you make risk monitoring a priority — and what happens if you don’t.

WITHOUT screening

  • Not compliant
  • Scrutiny and doubt
  • Unexpected penalties and fines
  • Costly risks
  • Shortened business longevity

WITH screening

  • Compliant
  • Trust and confidence
  • Positive cash flow
  • Protected revenue
  • Sustainable business growth


Added value achieves better results

Why use Kount for watchlist screening? Here’s what sets us apart from any other strategy. 

machine learning adaptability

Multiple integration options

Kount technology is flexible. Our strategy works with your existing processes, resources, and abilities. Whether you have a high- or low-tech setup, your business can benefit from our robust, secure solutions with a customized integration plan.  

Data automation

Complete data

Kount is fully integrated with all the top data providers — OFAC, international authorities, adverse media outlets, politically exposed persons databases, and more. While other service providers consult just a few resources, Kount incorporates insights from all available data sources.  

Protect sensitive information

Exceptional customer service

Regulatory compliance can be a confusing topic. And while other service providers will leave you to struggle through uncertainties on your own, Kount customer service is just a phone call away. Collaborate with our team of experts for the best results possible.

Document and star

Continuous monitoring

Other strategies only screen your data twice a year, making you resubmit your information, sift through outputs, and remove duplicates. But at Kount, we maintain an active portfolio that is screened hourly and daily. Not only does our approach improve accuracy, but it also increases efficiency. 

Complete fraud prevention automation

Complete strategy

Rather than use a different vendor for each of your trust and safety needs, let Kount provide end-to-end protection. We can support your regulatory compliance goals and your broader onboarding needs such as account opening due diligence, identity verification, and more.  

machine learning perceptibility

Analyst review

If you work with any other service provider, your team will be responsible for analyzing outcomes. But with Kount, our highly-skilled and certified experts can review alerts on your behalf. Save time and money by removing the burden of labor-intensive, error-prone tasks. 


Unrivaled data assets

Kount compliance results are driven by immense amounts of data you won’t find anywhere else. Our watchlist includes sanctions data from both traditional sources and our own proprietary screening. 

  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and U.S. Treasury
  • Bureau of Industry & Securities
  • U.S. Customs
  • Federal Reserve
  • Department of Justice
  • FinCEN
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Bureau of Industry Standards (BIS)
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chiefs of State

International government agencies and organizations such as:

  • United Nations (UN) Security Council
  • Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)
  • HMT (Bank of England)
  • European Union List
  • Interpol
  • World Bank

International and domestic publications such as: 

  • Periodicals
  • Association magazines,
  • Newspapers, TV and radio transcripts
  • Press releases from U.S. Marshals Service, Department of Justice, Office of Attorney General, etc.

Major risk categories monitored for adverse media:

  • OFAC
  • Terrorism
  • Financial crimes
  • Money laundering and tax evasion
  • Racketeering and organized crime
  • Fraud (tax fraud, financial fraud, insurance fraud)
  • Trafficking and smuggling
  • U.S. and global most wanted
  • Embezzlement
  • Theft
  • Securities fraud
  • Bankruptcy
  • Murder
  • Gang and drug cartel
  • Import and export issues
  • Identity fraud
  • Corruption
  • Forgery
  • Counterfeiting
  • Business practice violations
  • Bribery 
  • Extortion
  • Graft
  • Espionage
  • Crimes against children
  • Crimes against elderly

Watchlist of public figures, their relatives, and their close associates in the following categories: 

  • Heads and deputies of state and national governments
  • National government ministers
  • Members of the national legislature
  • Senior civil servants of national governments
  • Senior civil servants of regional governments
  • Embassy & consular staff
  • Senior members of the armed forces
  • Senior members of the police services
  • Senior members of the secret services
  • Senior members of the judiciary
  • State corporation executives
  • State agency officials
  • Heads and deputy heads of regional governments
  • Regional government ministers
  • Religious leaders
  • Political party officials
  • International organization officials
  • City mayors
  • Political pressure and labor group officials
  • National NGO officials
  • Local public officials
  • International sporting organization officials

Kount reduces the risk of false positives by applying additional screening to third-party data. 

  • Refine results from adverse media analysis to ensure relevance for financial crimes
  • Review state attorney general press releases that aren’t picked up my mainstream media


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