Market to the right customers with consumer insights

Wondering how to get the right customers in the door? But still manage the risks? Look no further. Kount gives you actionable insights into consumer behaviour — risk levels, purchasing decisions, propensity to spend — so you can increase your bottom line while protecting your business.

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Consumer insights


How to use consumer insights to grow your business

Kount offers a complete trust and safety strategy for identity. Gain greater insights about your consumers to increase revenue without increasing risk. 

Protect sensitive information

Greater fraud prevention

The data collected from individuals interacting with your business can be compared against data within the Kount network to identify suspicious personas and activity. You can more accurately choose who you want to do business with and avoid unnecessary risks.

machine learning reactivity

Improved customer experiences

As your customers interact with your business, you gain valuable insights such as propensity to spend, average order value, and more. This enables you to deliver more personalised experiences for your customers throughout the customer journey.

Customizable data

Better long-term growth

Using insights, you can target marketing campaigns and social media ads toward the right customers and prospects, bringing in new and valuable business — and ultimately more sustainable, long-term growth.


Benefits you can’t afford to miss 

Poor leads and expensive chargeback costs ruin chances of growing your business. With consumer insights, you’ll have a deeper understanding of who is interacting with your brand.

WITHOUT consumer insights

  • Less effective customer service
  • Lack of customer insights
  • Waste marketing spend
  • Sell to customers only once
  • Miss revenue opportunities
  • Add unnecessary friction
  • Stay stuck in old ways
  • Lose to competitors

WITH consumer insights

  • Better consumer sentiment
  • More accurate market research
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Maximise customer lifetime value
  • Cross-sell and up-sell more often
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Grow products and services 
  • Compete with bigger businesses


Added value achieves
better results

Why choose Kount for consumer insights? Here’s what sets us apart.

Historical data

Real-time data analytics

You can pay for data from a third party, but gathering the information takes time. With Kount, you collect data in real time so you can monitor the most current trends and insights.

Relevant insights

Unique proprietary data

Through our unique partnership with Equifax, Kount has information that other data companies don’t have access to. Greater insights result in better, more accurate decisions.

shield star

Robust analysis

Third-party data is less accurate than the data you already have. Kount helps find value in your diverse range of data, making it easy to decipher what insights mean for your business.


What our clients are saying

"I like how much information is provided for each transaction. Seriously impressed by how powerful Kount is!"


Steve J.

Small Business Owner

"Kount is very useful. I definitely recommend that companies use Kount in order to help their bottom line."


Tyler C.

Customer Service Specialist

"Kount provides facts and data that can give you confidence on business decisions and risks for your company."


Anne P.

Sr. Sales Support Analyst

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Grow your business with consumer insights

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