Mastercard SecureCode

Mastercard SecureCode is a fraud prevention tool used by online merchants. It helps verify that the shopper is the actual cardholder — and not a fraudster.

How Does Mastercard SecureCode Work?

The most current version of the Mastercard SecureCode technology enables real-time collaboration between issuers and merchants.

Merchants can share a combination of transaction-specific information (such as shipping address) and contextual information (such as the device ID) with the issuer. The issuer then uses machine learning to review the details provided and determine the likelihood of fraud.

  • If the information provided verifies the shopper’s identify, the merchant is authorized to proceed.
  • If the information provided seems suspicious, the bank will request additional information before authorizing the purchase.

Mastercard SecureCode is the brand-specific name for 3D Secure. Visit this blog article to learn more about 3D Secure 2.0.

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