Optimize your fraud prevention strategy with Kount and Ekata

Ekata, a Mastercard company, is a global identity verification data service that enables more precise and confident decisioning within Kount’s fraud detection solution.

Ekata helps merchants using Kount’s payment fraud solution to quickly identify good customers and risky transactions while reducing the need for manual review.

The Ekata Identity Engine powers Ekata's seamlessly integrated API, which enriches Kount’s existing data sources. The Ekata Identity Engine verifies data points across the five core identity elements of email, name, phone, IP, and address to provide businesses a clear picture of consumers.

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Key benefits of Kount + Ekata

As a strategic partner, Kount has access to Ekata's premium API endpoint, which is a newly dedicated infrastructure from Ekata. This endpoint insulates Kount from shared resource bottlenecks by providing a resilient API endpoint built to withstand high-traffic periods and any outages that may arise as a result. 

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Enriched identity data

Ekata leverages 100+ international data sources to provide coverage in all regions in which your business is managing risk.

Improved data analysis

Enhanced profile rules

Receive predictive risk scores and data attributes that are built to enhance the set policies within Kount. 

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Easy integration

No development resources are needed to use Ekata data within the Kount platform. Get started quickly and easily. 



The Ekata Identity Engine

The Ekata Identity Engine is composed of two distinct and mutually exclusive data sources:

  1. the Ekata Identity Graph
  2. the Ekata Identity Network

Having access to the Identity Graph and the Identity Network combined provides a comprehensive view of your customers’ digital identity and the level of risk associated with it. The Ekata Identity Engine enables organizations to combat fraud, build trust and grow revenue with frictionless customer experiences.


More data. Better results.

Ekata enriches Kount's machine learning with dozens of valuable data attributes you won't find anywhere else. 

  • Email to name match - Indicates if the email’s registered owner matches the person in the request. 
  • Registered name & age range* - Returns the registered owner's name. 
  • Domain creation date - Indicates when the email domain was registered. 
  • First seen date - Shows when we can confirm the email address’s existence. 


* US and Canada only

  • Phone to name match - Indicates if the phone subscriber’s name matches the name in the request. 
  • Phone to address - Indicates if the address associated with the phone matches the address in the request. 
  • Subscriber name & age range* - Returns the current phone subscriber's name and age range. 
  • Is valid flag - Indicates whether the phone number is real with a valid area code. 
  • Carrier - Indicates the company that provides voice and/or data services for the phone number.
  • Line type - Indicates whether a number is landline, mobile, fixed or non-fixed VoIP (including Google Voice or Skype), premium number, toll-free, or international. 
  • Is prepaid flag - Indicates whether a mobile number is part of a prepaid service plan.  
  • Is commercial flag* - Indicates whether this number belongs to a business. 


* US and Canada only

  • Address to name match* - Indicates if the physical address matches the person in the request.
  • Resident name & age range* - Returns the full name & age range of the resident. 
  • Is commercial*  - Indicates if the address belongs to a business. 
  • Is valid flag - Indicates if the address is real and deliverable. 
  • Delivery point* - Indicates whether the address is a P.O. Box, single unit, multi unit, or commercial mail drop. 
  • Is forwarder flag* - Indicates whether an address is performing freight forwarding or reshipping services. 


* US and Canada only

  • IP risk flag - Machine learning-derived flag model determines if IP has a high risk for fraud. 
  • Geolocation - Indicates if the user’s IP address is coming from the same location as their physical address. 
  • Distance to address - Reports the distance from the physical address to the geolocation of the IP address in the request. 
  • Distance to phone - Reports the distance from the phone’s registered address to the geolocation of the IP address in the request.
  • Is valid flag - Indicates if the IP address is valid. 
  • IP address to primary/secondary names match* - Indicates if the IP address matches the name.


* US and Canada only



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