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Fraud prevention for Nexio

Kount is proud to provide fraud protection for Nexio’s payment services. In a complex and ever-changing commerce world, Nexio’s technology and services help merchants and software companies solve payment problems now and forever.


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Leveraging the benefits of Nexio

With Nexio, you’re not just buying the technology to facilitate payments. You’re partnering with a team of experienced professionals that help you maximize the value of the technology. Nexio is invested in helping you achieve your business goals and will help guide you to make strategic decisions and changes at the time that makes the most sense for your business.

To enhance the security of online payments, Nexio has integrated Kount into their Prevent system. With Prevent, businesses can effectively filter out fraudulent transactions, separating them from legitimate ones. Prevent creates detailed profiles for each transaction, allowing online sellers to assess the risk level and identify potential threats. By analyzing the transaction history, chargeback events, and buyer behavior, businesses can proactively avoid and block bad actors from causing harm.

With Nexio's integration of Kount into Prevent, businesses can enjoy a comprehensive risk assessment system that helps ensure the safety and integrity of their online sales.


Benefits you can't afford to miss

Kount is trust and safety technology. We help thousands of global businesses in hundreds of different industries grow with confidence. Here’s what you can expect from Kount. 

WITHOUT protection

  • Pay fees and penalties for unauthorized transactions.
  • Allow fraudulent activity into your business environment.
  • Lose revenue to disputes and chargebacks.
  • Damage your brand reputation and relationship with consumers.
  • Risk declining orders from good customers.
  • Approve less orders.
  • Waste time manually reviewing orders.
  • Use estimated guesses and hunches to fight fraud.

WITH protection

  • Avoid unnecessary fees.
  • Prevent multiple types of fraud.
  • Reduce the amount of disputes and chargebacks you receive.
  • Protect your brand and relationship with consumers.
  • Minimize false positives.
  • Increase authorizations and approve more orders.
  • Save time by automating fraud decisioning.
  • Make decisions based on facts and data.


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