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You’ve chosen Web Shop Manager to power your subscription business. Now it’s time to protect what you’ve built. And Kount can help keep a good thing growing. Kount is Web Shop Manager preferred fraud prevention partner.

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Leveraging the benefits of Web Shop Manager

Web Shop Manager offers expert strategy, design, and support on their leading automotive eCommerce platform. They provide a comprehensive solution with industry-leading product data and advanced guided search, making them the complete package for their customers. From all-in-one solutions to turn-key websites, Web Shop Manager ensures their customers have everything they need.

Web Shop Manager has developed a roadmap that guides anyone towards eCommerce success through a crawl-walk-run approach. Their goal is to establish lifelong and successful eCommerce partnerships with their customers, going beyond just creating a website.

By combining Web Shop Manager's capabilities with Kount's renowned digital identity and fraud prevention technology, a comprehensive solution is provided to guarantee security throughout the entire customer journey. Through this collaboration, Kount and Web Shop Manager collaborate to protect merchants against fraudulent activities, fostering a safer environment for their clients and customers.


Benefits you can't afford to miss

Kount is trust and safety technology. We help thousands of global businesses in hundreds of different industries grow with confidence. Here’s what you can expect from Kount. 

WITHOUT protection

  • Pay fees and penalties for unauthorized transactions.
  • Allow fraudulent activity into your business environment.
  • Lose revenue to disputes and chargebacks.
  • Damage your brand reputation and relationship with consumers.
  • Risk declining orders from good customers.
  • Approve less orders.
  • Waste time manually reviewing orders.
  • Use estimated guesses and hunches to fight fraud.

WITH protection

  • Avoid unnecessary fees.
  • Prevent multiple types of fraud.
  • Reduce the amount of disputes and chargebacks you receive.
  • Protect your brand and relationship with consumers.
  • Minimize false positives.
  • Increase authorizations and approve more orders.
  • Save time by automating fraud decisioning.
  • Make decisions based on facts and data.


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