Synectics Solutions Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention for Synectics Solutions

Turn on Kount’s industry-leading fraud protection for Synectics Solutions. Eliminate the need for multiple fraud checks and reduce costs — without adding friction.

Through an integration with Kount, Synectics is able to bolster its identity and fraud prevention solutions by consolidating unnecessary data silos, driving cost-savings and optimizing the customer experience. This significantly reduces the need for multiple fraud checks in the customer journey, thus resulting in substantial cost-savings and an enhanced, frictionless experience for Synectics customers.  

Kount’s identity and fraud platform currently supports the Synectics Insurance sector solutions, and will be implemented across the broader portfolio of offerings.

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Synectics Solutions Fraud Prevention
What is Kount?


Digital Risk and Fraud Prevention for Insurance

Insurance providers are adding digital services to reduce friction in claims and underwriting, but they also open new doors to fraud. Kount’s Insurance Digital Risk and Fraud Prevention Solution stops illegitimate policies and claims, reduces customer friction, optimizes underwriting, and accelerates marketing efficiency. 

Solution Features

  • Identity Trust Global Network - uses AI and two types of machine learning to link trust and fraud data signals from 36 billion digital interactions across 200+ countries and territories. With the ability to link signals from payments data, location ID data, digital identifier data, and unique customer data, carriers can immediately detect and reduce fraud across their services. Identify anomalies and threats
  • Account Takeover Protection - stops malicious logins, detects and protects against bots, and enables personalized customer experiences. It allows carriers to reduce fraud in the cases of bot quotes, identity assumption, ghost broking, and service fraud. At the same time, marketing can use trend data to amplify campaign efficiency and conversion.
  • AI-Driven Fraud Protection - reduces digital payments fraud and delivers personalized customer experiences. It delivers the most accurate insurance fraud protection to dramatically improve bottom-line profitability and includes everything needed to evaluate trust levels. Kount Command allows carriers to reduce payments fraud in the cases of ghost broking, claims padding, claims staging/crash for cash, damage assumption, and doctor shopping. The payments and identity data adds to the insights available for use by marketing.

Solution benefits

machine learning reactivity

Increase profitability

Verify identities to optimize marketing to low-risk customers or prospects.

Reduce acquisition costs

Reduce acquisition costs

Minimize insurance policy and acquisition costs with digital identity verification.

Protect sensitive information

Protect revenue

identifying insurance fraud indicators in the customer lifecycle to minimize the financial impact of fraudulent claims.

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Accelerate the underwriting process

Streamline processes with accurate digital identity and device verification data. 

Simple setup


Quick & easy onboarding. No integration required.

Thanks to your relationship with Synectics Solutions, the integration has already been buttoned up! With just a few clicks, you can get up and running.

Please contact a Kount Partner Business Manager for more information.


Added value achieves better results.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Kount has made my life infinitely easier. I’m back to doing my job instead of spending my entire work week battling fraud.”


Christine Barnum


"If every business had Kount, fraudulent ecommerce wouldn’t be nearly as lucrative to criminals. The product works, and working with Kount’s customer support has been one of the best professional experiences I’ve had."


Mark Van Vliet

VP of Strategic Initiatives

"Implementing the Kount fraud solution was very simple. And achieving these great results in such a short time has exceeded our expectations."


Michael McClane


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