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Data On Demand

Gain actionable customer insights to improve customer experience, reduce friction, increase conversions, and uncover cross-sell and upsell opportunities

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Personalize marketing campaigns, products and services to ideal customers by analyzing purchase and product usage behaviors

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Increase cross-sell and upsell with actionable insights into customer or merchant value with Kount’s Identity Trust NetworkTM data

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Continuously monitor and adjust rules and policies based on near-real time fraud trends by making constant data-driven changes

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Approve more good orders, increase manual review accuracy by analyzing and refining rules to quickly minimize customer friction


Grow revenue with actionable customer insights

Kount’s Data on Demand solution enhances a company’s customer knowledge with thousands of additional data points from Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network. The data can be analyzed on its own or combined with additional company-collected data for deep analytics on one platform. Businesses can uncover actionable customer insights that can amplify revenue growth. Built on Snowflake and hosted by Kount in a private data warehouse, Data on Demand has the performance, scale and security needed for big data analytics.

How Data on Demand Works


Data on Demand Sources

Combine Data From Multiple Sources

Data on Demand combines payments data with information from Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network. Available data includes digital identifiers, devices, locations, Kount’s AI Omniscore and decisioning data, and data from Kount’s User Defined Fields and Email Insights. Businesses can also add geographic lookup data from IP and mobile location services, address lookup data from mailing addresses, phone numbers, and names. This rich combination enables deep analytics that can reveal hidden and actionable customer insights that were previously difficult to see.


Types of Accessible Data

Payment type
Payment token
Bank name
Currency used
And more

Unique customer data
User Defined Fields
Coupon codes
Loyalty numbers
And more

Data on Demand Circle Diagram

Physical location

Billing address

Shipping address
Address verification

Time zone

Local time of day
And more

Device ID
Device type/information

IP address

Bill + ship email addresses

Phone number

Logins/sites visited

And more


Data on Demand Analytics

Deep Analytics to Grow Revenue and Reduce Costs

Data on Demand gives unprecedented access to multiple data silos all in one place to gain actionable customer insights that reveal future opportunities. Reduce friction, or customize upsell, cross-sell, and down-sell initiatives to Increase revenue. Discover omnichannel customer behavior, and evaluate fraud prevention initiatives to improve protection.



Built on Snowflake for Fast Data Manipulation

Data on Demand is built on Snowflake’s cloud architecture. This secure, single, near-zero maintenance platform-as-a-service provides logically integrated compute, storage, and cloud services layers. The layers are scale-independent to support high workloads, enabling quick data manipulation without performance, concurrency or scale limitations. Snowflake runs on the AWS cloud, providing uninterrupted access to data.


Data on Demand Benefits

  • Increase cross-sell and upsell to customers or merchants with deep insights into the value or risk of each with Kount’s unmatched Identity Trust Global Network data.
  • Make data-driven decisions in near-real time with continuously updated business, fraud and KPI reports for a detailed view of transactions, customers, operations, and partners across channels.
  • Optimize and personalize campaigns to customer segments with 360 customer insights for better customer experiences by analyzing purchase behaviors that include shopping location, channel, and customer loyalty.
  • Discover new revenue opportunities and make product and market decisions driven by real-time usage analytics on in-app and online behaviors.
  • Continuously monitor and adjust rules and policies based on near-real time fraud trends by making constant data-driven changes.
  • Set future fraud strategy by analyzing current operations and fraud trends to automate rules for supply chain SKUs and product levels.
  • Increase manual review accuracy by analyzing and refining approval and velocity rules to approve more good orders quickly and minimize customer friction.
  • Reduce operational cost and improve efficiency by recognizing anomalies and trends over large data sets.

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