Data on Demand: Marketing data enrichment

Data on Demand: Data enrichment and marketing data analytics

Enhance your marketing campaigns with first-party data collection from Kount. Access the data your fraud team already owns, and reduce reliance on highly regulated third-party data aggregators.

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Data on demand data enrichment

How Kount’s data enrichment and marketing
data analytics solution works

Data on Demand is an enterprise-level first-party data collection solution that uses fraud and risk data from Kount to enhance marketing campaigns and other initiatives. This data enrichment tool combines your company-collected data with thousands of additional data points from Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network™.

Data on Demand is built on Snowflake and hosted by Kount in a private data warehouse. And it bridges the gap between marketing and fraud teams — no costly third-party data aggregators necessary. You own the customer insights your fraud team collects every time their Kount integration analyzes an e-commerce event.

Top benefits of a marketing data enrichment tool

Stop card testing attacks

Increase cross-sells and upsells with actionable insights into customer or merchant value.

Adjust to high traffic

Access 360-degree customer insights around login and purchasing behaviors by location, channel, device, email, loyalty ID, and more.

Protect customer rewards

Fuel marketing initiatives, customer loyalty campaigns, machine learning models, digital engagement studies, and more.

Stop new account fraud

Expand revenue opportunities using billions of additional data points to help merchants extend BNPL options to more customers.

Reduce chargebacks

Reduce operational costs and improve marketing efficiency by recognizing anomalies and trends over larger data sets.

Reduce chargebacks

Access and analyze thousands of additional data points and transaction insights from multiple sources from a single platform.

Snowflake cloud architecture

Snowflake’s cloud architecture ensures fast manipulation

Data on Demand is built on Snowflake’s cloud architecture for a secure, near-zero maintenance platform-as-a-service. Logically integrated compute, storage, and cloud services layers are scale-independent to support high workloads and enable quick data manipulation without compromising performance. Snowflake runs on the AWS cloud, so you have uninterrupted data access. Existing Snowflake users get even easier access to Kount’s data.

Assess fraud solutions

Process thousands of transactions and detect anomalies and risks in real time

Good for more than just marketing initiatives, one major online retailer uses the solution to enrich fraud and transaction risk data. Data scientists assess associated chargebacks, shipping information, tracking numbers, and more for deeper insights on similar orders in real time. As a result, the company can act on anomalies automatically while processing upwards of 60,000 orders a day.

Identify fraud solutions

Digital enablement solutions stop fraud, promote frictionless experiences

Kount’s solutions fuse digital and physical identity attributes to gain a true 360-degree view of your customers. They use advanced AI and machine learning to prevent criminal fraud and detect high-velocity attacks. Meanwhile, chargeback alerts deflect customer disputes and friendly fraud. If your fraud team already uses a Kount solution, your team can start using Data on Demand quickly.

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Assess fraud solutions

How data enhances business growth, customer journey insights

In the past, marketing data was limited to helping businesses understand what products consumers were purchasing. Today, it does so much more. Data can help businesses understand purchasing trends, gain a better understanding of how customers behave online, and uncover demographics by product or region. Together, these data points can help businesses improve overall customer experiences.

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Reduce reliance on third-party data, enhance marketing campaigns


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