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Industry-leading digital fraud prevention that helps PSPs, e-commerce platforms, and acquiring banks increase revenue and retain merchants.

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Protect merchants from digital fraud with one integration

Through Kount Central, you can offer industry-leading digital fraud protection — and access to the largest global network of fraud and trust-related signals — to your entire merchant portfolio. Kount Central is built on our AI-driven fraud prevention solution, Kount Command.

Grow your revenue
Increase authorization rates, expand processing volumes, and open new revenue streams through value-added services.

Attract new merchants
Partner with an established leader in fraud protection, and reduce time-to-value with a single integration.

Retain existing merchants
Protecting your merchants from fraud helps them process more good orders — and keeps them in your portfolio.

Improve operational efficiencies
Minimize fraud costs and optimize sales and marketing with dedicated client success managers.

Stand out from the competition
Offer merchants fraud protection for multiple use cases, including criminal fraud, friendly fraud, and more.

Detect risky merchant behavior
Quickly investigate and act on merchants with unusual or high fraud rates.

When customers interact with merchant websites or mobile apps, data from the interaction is sent to Kount via simple APIs. Kount’s Identity Trust Global NetworkTM and advanced AI immediately evaluate the data and generate a safety rating: Omniscore. Omniscore flows through business policy thresholds, and the interaction is approved, declined, or held for manual review.

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Become a partner to access Kount Central

Kount Central is available in two deployment models for Kount Partners. Each model comes with comprehensive, AI-driven fraud prevention through a one-time integration. No merchant IT hassles necessary. And all partners can offer additional value-added solutions for account takeover protection, dispute and chargeback management, advanced data analytics, and more.

Automated, AI-driven fraud

• Get a full integration with Kount’s AI-driven fraud prevention solution

• Provide basic fraud protection based on standardized business policies

• Set policies and manage order approve, decline, and manual review thresholds

Customizable fraud

• Customize Kount’s AI-driven platform to specific business objectives and policies

• Monitor merchant performance from the Kount Command Center

• Get a dedicated Client Success Manager for merchant onboarding, training, and policy implementation

Experts agree, Kount is the best fraud partner for payment providers

“Kount has arguably the strongest position of any fraud prevention vendor in the payment service provider market. Barclaycard Payments will leverage Kount to analyze and score transactions in real time using a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning.”

— 451 Research, June 2020

“Kount is well-positioned to help digital commerce organizations meet digital identity trust requirements through its real-time Identity Trust Global Network and its adaptive, AI-driven fraud solutions.”

— IDC Vendor Spotlight, May 2020


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