Why Do QSRs have an Online Fraud Problem?

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Brad Wiskirchen: There's any number of ways now where quick service restaurants are interacting with their consumers digitally, instead of the historic face-to-face brick and mortar type of relationship. Now, you go into a quick service restaurant, and you can pay with your app, or you can order it on your app and then go curbside and pick it up, or you can order it on your app and have it delivered to your home.

It's important that they know that the person with whom they're communicating with is actually their consumer. It's important that they know that the person who's opening the account is actually the person who they claim to be. It's important that they know that they person who is emptying the account, which is regularly the functional equivalent of a wallet, be the person that they believe them to be.

It's absolutely imperative that merchants, retailers, restaurants, whomever's engaging in commerce, via mobile devices or online, have certainty that they're dealing with the person they're dealing with, not just to prevent the losses to the bad guys, but also to prevent friendly fraud. Developing processes, leveraging third party resources in order to ascertain that the person that you're dealing with is actually the person that you're dealing with is incredibly important.

A login into an account doesn't necessarily provide you with certainty that you're dealing with Brad Wiskirchen. It provides you a certainty that somebody knows Brad Wiskirchen's password for this particular account.

For every interaction that a merchant has with its consumers, there's a half dozen ways that the bad guys have figured out to defraud them. I always think, if only their powers could be used for good instead of evil, but it doesn't seem like they want to.

The good news is that solutions like Kount, which are enterprise solutions, which are complete solutions for online retailers, for any of these merchants, we've developed tools that make it relatively easy to ascertain what they're doing, what the fraudsters are doing. You combine our artificial intelligence and our technology with our many years of experience in fighting fraud, and you combine that with the vast amounts of data that we've collected and created in the hundreds of countries in which we've done business, and the thousands of clients that we've had, and you really create a highly effective tool. You really give merchants all the tools that they need in order to effectively combat fraud at each point in which they interact digitally with their consumers.

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