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Tanner: I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I always think, if you can go do something yourself, just go do it! You have nothing stopping you. You have one life — go make something awesome and be a badass.

Jason: I played collegiate baseball, went on to play professional baseball for a couple years, and then was into poker. So that competitive nature in me was pretty strong.

But career-wise, I had to do something that paid the bills, so I went into IT for a while. But I always had that competitive itch. Tanner and I were talking at work because we worked in IT together and he's like, "Hey, do you play video games?" I'm like, "Oh yeah!"

Tanner: So I'd come home from work and I would play until 1 a.m. with Jason, stumble into work the next day tired, and do it all over again.

Jason: Well then, the competition came out, and I said, “Is there somewhere where we can play for money or for prizes?" And Tanner said, "Yeah there are a couple sites." So we went to these sites. I registered. And it took me 20 minutes.

And I said, "There's got to be a better way to do this." So the next morning, Tanner comes into my office, and I've white-boarded the whole user experience.

Tanner: In the beginning, I was more focused on the consumer behaviors and habits and thinking, "Well if you just put in money, it's no big deal?" And, thankfully, Jason has a background in poker and IT so he understands there's a secure component that comes with it.

Jason: So when we started Drop-In Gaming, one of the things we needed to make sure is… hey we're building a platform that can be utilized in multiple ways. With that, you have to make sure you're compliant at the national, the federal, and the state level. And people have to feel secure.

So we went out and started looking for organizations that we could work with — one that would make sure that people felt great about building their accounts and putting in their credit card information. A platform that could even answer questions like, "Am I in a state that I can even play and get rewards?"

Tanner: We need a company that will take care of that for us, because we're not subject matter experts. And that's when we found Kount.

Jason: When we interviewed and talked with Kount, they gave us a demo of what they were doing. Not only did they have the services and everything that we needed to build that secure platform, but they also had the people. And that was a big deal. Their team was going to be there to make sure that we were doing it the right way.

Tanner: Kount is the best because they are flexible — just like our industry. It changes every single day. Games come out with new updates, the laws are being changed almost weekly in every state of where you can play and where you can't.

And because of Kount's flexibility, we can just turn states on and off — even down to the county level — where some can play and some cannot. It's amazing for us.

Jason: In the two years that we've been doing that, we have not had one chargeback because everything is preventative. We have everything happening up front from Kount so that by the time it gets to us, we don't even have to worry about it anymore.

Tanner: Here at Drop-In Gaming, our mission statement is to allow any gamer to be able to play for cash and prizes and have the chance to feel like a pro gamer, even if you're not. 


In two years, we have not had one chargeback because everything is preventative.

Jason Atwood, Chief Executive Officer

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