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My name is Morgann Wanha, I am the Senior Manager of Fraud and Risk at a company called Purchasing Power in Atlanta, Georgia.

We're a little different than most e-commerce because we don't take credit cards. We chose Kount because we were actually in the process of looking to build our own system. Everything else we had looked at had said, "Here's 25 rules, these work for everybody." But because our product was different, they didn't work for us.

Kount has very much a small business mentality and we like that. We are not a large company but we like the hands on feel that we get. So the client success team has been really good about helping us, holding our hand through, "Okay, these are the things that a standard client would do, but we know those don't apply to you. So here's what we recommend."

We had cast a really broad net to fight the fraud that we were experiencing through the holiday. In order to not impact good customers, we had to have our client success manager tell us how to target. So she was able to help us look at different rules, different things. So we were able to get our manual review rate down significantly.

Obviously that immediately boosted our conversion because we're not looking at so many orders, we're not holding so many, so they're flowing straight through the system. Direct conversion to revenue.

Kount has helped us, in a lot of ways, beat fraud and boost sales. Prior to Kount, we were doing everything manually. It was ridiculous. We were absolutely impacting conversion and we weren't necessarily catching everything we needed to catch. We were having to comb through the database to go find what we needed to find. So when we installed Kount, immediately the lift from being able to link accounts together, to be able to flag an address without having to go to IT, and say, "This address is fraud. Anything that ships to this address is not going to be good," was just huge.

If I were talking to someone who was considering Kount, if you want something that is specific to you where you can do what you need to do and have the control, then this is absolutely the tool.

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