3 Key Elements Needed For Successful Bot Detection

Learn the 3 key elements to prevent sophisticated bot attacks while delivering a frictionless customer experience.

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Sven Hindman

Product Manager


Trace Fooshee

Senior Analyst

Aite Group


Alison Simpson

Sr. Product/Content Marketing Manager


Bot attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, targeting customer credentials, personal accounts, company data, account monetary value, and credit card information. Now, effective protection needs to cover the complete customer journey. Learn how to accurately identify and stop malicious bots while delivering a frictionless customer experience using adaptive friction.

Discussion topics include:

  • Using intelligence to accurately distinguish between good and bad bots
  • How real-time mitigation can effectively address rapidly changing behaviors
  • Why blunt force tools impact the customer experience and reduce revenue
  • Benefits of using an AI-driven fraud protection platform to protect the entire customer journey
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fraud detection, chargeback protection, consumer insights, identity verification


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